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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published August 1992
Cover Price $2.95
Pages 36
Editing Barbara Kesel
Notes This is a 6 issue mini-series and has a cardstock cover.

Cover Details

Characters Emperor Palpatine
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Dave Dorman (painting)
Inks Dave Dorman (painting)
Colors Dave Dorman (painting)
Notes This is a 6 issue mini-series and has a cardstock cover.

25 page Star Wars story "Book 5: Emperor Reborn"

Characters Luke Skywalker; General Han Solo; Princess Leia Organa Solo; Chewbacca; C-3PO; R2-D2; Commander Klev; Shug Ninx; Salla Zend; Lo Khan; Emperor Palpatine (clone); Boda Baas (flashback from Jedi Holocron)
Synopsis Captured by the Emperor, Leia discovers that he holds hostage an even greater treasure: a mysterious and intelligent artifact called the Jedi Holocron. With both the Holocron and Luke Skywalker under his control, there's no limit to what the Emperor can do! [per solicitation]
Genre Science Fiction
Script Tom Veitch
Pencils Cam Kennedy
Inks Cam Kennedy
Colors Cam Kennedy
Letters Todd Klein
Notes The events in this story take place approximately ten years after Star Wars: A New Hope.
Reprinted in Star Wars: Dark Empire (Dark Horse, 1993 series) #[nn]

4 page Star Wars text story "Lost for Over 300 Years..."

Genre Science Fiction
Script Tom Veitch
Notes Text piece detailing various aspects of the Star Wars universe. This story focuses on the Jedi Holocron and the legend of Ulic Qel-Droma.

2 page letters page "Rebel Writers"

Notes Letters from readers