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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published August 1997
Cover Price $4.95
Pages 68
Editing Richard Pini

Cover Details

Genre Fantasy
Pencils Sandra Santara
Inks Sandra Santara
Colors Sandra Santara

14 page Elfquest: Dreamtime story "Dreamtime - part 9"

Characters Tyleet; Shenshen
Genre Fantasy
Script Wendy Pini
Pencils Wendy Pini
Inks Wendy Pini
Letters Chuck Maly

14 page Elfquest: Wild Hunt story "Wild Hunt - part 12"

Characters Ember; Teir; Scouter; Tyleet; Mender; Yun; Pike; Krim; Nightfall; Dewshine; Pool; Sust; Gifa; Angrif; Rowb
Synopsis Now that humans have found the holt, Chieftess Ember sets new security rules. Gifa's badly beaten body is found and rescued by Tyleet.
Genre Fantasy
Script Joellyn Auklandus
Pencils Lorraine Reyes
Inks Lorraine Reyes
Letters Lorraine Reyes

14 page Elfquest: Future Quest story "Future Quest - part 5"

Characters Scorch Chirell; Cosmo Luricahn; Shimmer; Dr Shayalla Beneir; Jink; Tal Chirell; Barranaco Chirell
Synopsis An evolved Shimmer takes control of Dr Beneir and her craft. Jink hires Scorch's father, Tal Chirell, to repair the Cam Triompe.
Genre Fantasy
Script Richard Pini; Delfin Barral
Pencils Delfin Barral
Inks Barry Blair
Letters Chuck Maly

14 page Elfquest: Rogue's Curse story "Rogue's Curse - part 8"

Characters Rayek; Ekuar; Winnowill
Synopsis Ekuar tells Rayek how Winnowill took over Rayek's body to become the Redeemer called Black Snake.
Genre Fantasy
Script Brandon McKinney
Pencils Brandon McKinney
Inks Brandon McKinney
Letters Brandon McKinney