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Issue Details

Issue #59
Published October 1997
Cover Price $2.95 US
Pages 28
Editing Douglas Dlin [as Doug Dlin]
Notes Print run: 5,200

Cover Details

Characters Ichi-Kun Ichinohei [Itchy Koo]; Akaru Kaiju; Jeremy Feeple; Ricky Feeple
Genre Martial arts; Science fiction; Teen; Humour
Pencils Ben Dunn (signed)
Inks Ben Dunn (signed)
Notes Print run: 5,200
Reprinted in Ninja High School Perfect Memory (Antarctic Press, 1990 series) #3 (July 2000) [in B&W]

1 page Antarctic Blast text article "BOOOO HOOOO!"

Script Dr. Joeming W. Dunn
Letters typeset
Notes inside front cover indicia page editorial about Halloween

18 page Ninja High School; cameo spoofs: Star Trek; Star Wars story "LEARNINGCURVES"

Characters Rivalsan Lendo; Akaru Kaiju; Jeremy Feeple; Ambassador Volmar; Howard; Phrank Crowe; Mikey Ingram; Jason Yfory [Tomorrow Lad] (cameo); Ricky Feeple; Princess Asrial; King Jerka (cameo); Dr. Janice Hanson; Mr. Olthwaite; Mrs. Olthwaite
Synopsis Akaru finds out about pornography; Lendo gets the contract to build the Zardon embassy
Genre Martial arts; Science fiction; Teen; Humour
Script Herb Mallette
Pencils Steven Henry
Inks Steven Henry
Letters Dr. Joeming W. Dunn [as Joe Dunn] (typesetting)
Notes Page count includes title page. This story follows issue #50 in the revised Ninja High School continuity after the "TIME WARP" storyline.

3 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Notes Antarctic Press back issue list; inside back cover B&W house ad for the special leather edition of Warrior Nun Areala #1; colour back cover house ad for Silver Cross

5 page Ninja High School story "WE'RE OFF TO OUTER SPACE" part 2

Characters Jeremy Feeple; Princess Asrial; Nana
Synopsis Asrial names a Salusian legion after Jeremy and invites him to a formal dinner with her officers.
Genre Martial arts; Science fiction; Teen; Humour
Script Ben Dunn
Pencils Ben Dunn
Inks Ben Dunn
Notes Story continued from previous issue and continued in next issue. Story takes place between the main stories in issue #45 & issue #58.