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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published March 1998
Cover Price 1.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing J. Freddy Gabrie; Victor Gorelick; Richard Goldwater (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details

Characters Nights; Reala; Claris; Elliot
Genre fantasy
Pencils Patrick Spaziante (signed)
Inks Harvey Mercadoocasio [as Harvo]
Colors J. D. Ray [as J.D. Ray of Heroic Age]

24 page Nights Into Dreams story "Day Dreams and Nightmares"

Characters Nights; Snuze; Elliot; Claris; Tessa; Kelly; Roger; Wizeman; Reala; Napp; Jackle
Genre fantasy
Script Dan Slott (plot); Karl Bollers (script)
Pencils Patrick Spaziante (breakdowns); Manny Galan (finishes)
Inks Harvey Mercadoocasio [as Harvo]
Colors Karl Bollers
Letters Jeff Powell

4 page Nights Into Dreams character profile "The Villains"

Characters Wizeman; Nightmarens; Reala; Jackle; Gillwing; Puffy; Clawz; Gulpo
Genre fantasy
Letters typeset

1 page Archie public service announcement "Food For Thought"

Characters Archie; Veronica
Synopsis Archie realizes that some people have trouble going into the Choklit Shop using the stairs, and gets a ramp for them.