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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published May 1999
Cover Price 2.50
Pages 36
Editing Patsy Cross (editorial assistance)

Cover Details

Characters Kildare
Genre fantasy
Pencils Jay Anacleto
Inks Jay Anacleto
Letters ? (cover logo)

1 page Aria recap "ARIA"

Genre fantasy
Letters typeset
Notes inside front cover indicia/recap page

22 page Aria story "Homecoming"

Characters Gwynnion [Mad Ginny]; Kildare; Pug; Magnus Magus [Alfred James Christiansen]; Nigel Hawthorne; Lord Croker; Roland; Tara; Brand; Flax; Christabel [Auntie Bell]; Uncle Anguish
Synopsis Ginny, Kildare, and Pug consult with "Magnus Magus" and return to Faerie for their kinsmen's funeral; Roland searches for Tara
Genre fantasy
Script Brian Holguin (co-creator and writer); Brian Haberlin (co-creator)
Pencils Roy A. Martinez
Inks Roy A. Martinez
Colors Andy Troy [for Avalon Studios]
Letters Richard Starkings; Liz Agraphiotis [for Comicraft]
Reprinted in Aria: The Magic of Aria (Image, 2000 series) #[nn] [hardcover]; in Aria: The Magic of Aria (Image, 2000 series) #[nn] [softcover]; French reprint in Aria nø1 (Semic Books, 2000)

10 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Notes B&W house ad for Avalon Studios website; colour house ads for Aria; Spawn: The Dark Ages; Stone (2 pages); Spawn; Spawn: The Undead; Lady Pendragon / More Than Mortal; Distant Soil, A (inside back cover); colour back cover house ad for Avalon Studios

2 page Aria letters page "Letters"

Characters Pug; Kildare
Genre fantasy
Script Brian Holguin; Marla Brakefield; Rodney Hamilton; Kevan Forbes; Andrew Stephenson
Pencils Jay Anacleto
Inks none ?
Letters typeset
Notes letter column; background art is a B&W design sketch reprinted from issue #1