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Issue Details

Issue #53
Published July 1999
Cover Price 1.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Jason Liebig; Lysa Kraiger (Assistant)

Cover Details - "Invasion From the Age of Apocalypse!"

Characters X-Man; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Hatchet-9
Genre superhero
Pencils Andrew Robinson
Inks Andrew Robinson
Letters Typeset

22 page X-Man story "In Cold Blood"

Characters FEATURE: X-Man [Nate Grey]; GUESTS: Cyclops; Jean Grey; VILLAINS: Hatchet-9; Infinites
Synopsis A piece of Nate's Age of Apocalypse reality has merged with an Alaskan mountain and he has to fight through an army of Infintes with Cyclops and Jean by his side to try and set things right.
Genre superhero
Script Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Luke Ross
Inks Bud LaRosa
Colors Kevin Tinsley; Mike Thomas
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft; Jason Levine; Troy Peteri