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Issue Details

Issue #0
Published March 1999
Cover Price $3.99
Pages 52
Editing Marie Javins; Polly Watson
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Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Ross (painting)
Inks Alex Ross (painting)
Colors Alex Ross (painting)
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Reprinted in Wiz (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #44 [variant cover]

48 page X-51 story "Earth X"

Characters X-51; Uatu; ? Jameson; (in flashbacks: Celestials; Deviants; Eternals; Kree; Zeus; Hercules; Odin; Thor; Loki; Conan; Human Torch; Captain America; Bucky Barnes; Namor; Adolf Hitler; Red Skull; Spider-Man; Mr. Fantastic; Thing; Invisible Woman; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Hulk; Daredevil; Giant Man; Iron Man; Wasp; Marvel; Dr. Octopus; Kingpin; Magneto; Dr. Doom; Lizard; Galactus; Silver Surfer; Skrulls; Cyclops; Marvel Girl; Angel; Beast; Ice Man; Charles Xavier; Inhmans; Black Bolt; Hawkeye; Dr. Strange; Scarlet Witch; Machine Man; Storm; Colossus; Sunspot; Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Gambit; Punisher; Deadpool; Rahne)
Genre superhero
Script Jim Krueger; Alex Ross (co-story)
Pencils John Paul Leon
Inks Bill Reinhold
Colors Matt Hollingsworth
Letters Todd Klein
Reprinted in Wiz (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #44