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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published [September] 1999
Frequency once a year
Cover Price 3.50 USD; 4.50 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Bill Morrison; Terry Delegeane (managing editor)
Notes Sale date: September 1999.

Cover Details

Characters Bart Simpson; Doug TenNapel; Jill Thompson; Scott Shaw!; Sergio Aragonés
Genre humor
Pencils Bill Morrison (signed)
Inks Bill Morrison (signed)
Colors Nathan Kane (signed)

15 page Lisa Simpson story "Dark Lisa"

Characters Bart Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Ned Flanders
Synopsis Lisa is bullied at school but gets super-powers to exact her vengeance.
Genre humor
Script Jill Thompson
Pencils Oscar González Loyo
Inks Steve Steere Jr.
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Karen Bates

13 page The Simpsons story "Xt'tapalatakettle's Day"

Characters Bart Simpson; Homer Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson; Marge Simpson; Ned Flanders; Sideshow Bob
Synopsis Food offerings to the Xt'tapalatakettle stone idol are eaten by Homer, which creates a wave of walking dead creating havoc.
Genre humor
Script Sergio Aragonés (plot); Scott Shaw! (script)
Pencils Sergio Aragonés
Inks Sergio Aragonés
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Chris Ungar; Karen Bates

17 page Apu Nahasapeemapetilon story "Apu On Rigel 7"

Characters Apu Nahasapeemapetilon; Homer Simpson
Synopsis Apu is sent by a particle teleport to an alien world where he helps eliminate a dictator.
Genre humor
Script Doug TenNapel
Pencils Doug TenNapel (signed)
Inks Doug TenNapel (signed)
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Chris Ungar

1 page The Bongo Beat text article "Rueful Recollections of Revelry and Ruin"

Script Jill Thompson; Doug TenNapel; Sergio Aragonés
Letters typeset
Notes Thompson, TenNapel and Aragonés recollect past Halloweens.

1 page The Simpsons illustration "The Beer Witch Project"

Characters Barney Gumble; Lisa Simpson
Genre humor
Pencils Mike Manley (signed)
Inks Mike Manley (signed)
Letters typeset
Notes Outside back cover.