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Issue Details

Issue #31
Published 1991
Frequency [none listed]
Cover Price 2.75 USD
Pages 44
Editing Bill Black
Notes Dragonfly © 1991 Rik Levins; Colt © 1991 Don Secrease; Entire contents © 1991 Americomics

Cover Details

Characters Dragonfly; Rad; Stardust; Colt
Genre superhero
Pencils John Nadeau (signed)
Inks Mark Heike (signed)
Colors Rebekah Black ?

7 page FemForce story "By Isis! The psychic alert told true!"

Characters Nightveil; Dragonfly; Cave Girl; Cat-Man; Captain Flash; the Avenger; Green Lama; Lash Lightning; Crusader; Strongman; Iron Jaw; the Monster; Mirror Man; Anti-Paragon
Synopsis Nightveil and Dragonfly arrive at Dr. Weir's asylum to find several heroes from the past in battle with their old enemies.
Genre superhero
Script Bill Black
Pencils Richard Rome [as The Count]
Inks Mark Heike
Letters Walt Paisley

25 page Dragonfly story "Alliances"

Characters Dragonfly [Nancy Arazello]; Black Shroud [also appears disguised as Yasuo Kuromoko and as Richard Latimer]; Klyness; Captain Paragon; Anti-Paragon; Jong Su Chae; Janie Arazello; Adolf Hitler (cameo flashback)
Synopsis Dragonfly uncovers a complicated plot involving time travel, superhero cloning, and an alien invasion, but the information is later wiped from her memory before she can do anything to stop it.
Genre superhero
Script Rik Levins
Pencils John Nadeau
Inks John Dell III
Letters Rik Levins

1 page letters page "Letters"

Script Bill Black ?
Pencils Brad Gorby (illustration)
Inks Brad Gorby (illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes Letters submitted by Clark L. Chastain; Terry Driskill Jr.; Wayne Markley; Steve Markgraf