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Issue Details

Issue #234
Published January 1988
Cover Price 0.95 USD
Pages 36
Editing Byron Erickson (editor-in-chief); Leonard Clark [John Clark] (associate editor); Geoffrey Blum (associate editor); Gary Leach (art director)

Cover Details - "The Pirate Submarine"

Characters Mickey Mouse; Dr. Vulter
Genre funny animals
Pencils Daan Jippes
Inks Daan Jippes

1 page Chat 'n' Mouse letters page

Letters typeset

29 page Mickey Mouse story "The Pirate Submarine"

Characters Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Captain Doberman; Gloomy; Dr. Vulter
Genre funny animals
Script Floyd Gottfredson (plot); Ted Osborne (script)
Pencils Floyd Gottfredson
Inks Ted Thwaites
Colors Mike McCormick
Editing Floyd Gottfredson
Notes part 2 of 2. Special effects (basically making newspaper strips into comic book pages) by Gary Leach.
Reprinted from Mickey Mouse daily (King Features Syndicate) 1935.09.30 - 1936.01.04

Half page Donald Duck story "Donald's Friend, Ludwig Patently Absurd"

Characters Ludwig Von Drake
Genre funny animals
Script Bob Foster
Pencils Frank Smith
Inks Frank Smith
Editing Greg Crosby
Reprinted from Donald Duck daily (King Features Syndicate) 1983.12.06