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Issue #10
Published November 1967
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Pencils Fred Fredericks
Inks Fred Fredericks

11 page Mandrake story "The Haunting of Hawk Inn"

Pencils Ray Bailey
Inks Ray Bailey

4 page Brick Bradford story "untitled"

Pencils Paul Norris (s)
Inks Paul Norris (s)

14 page Rip Kirby story "Object Matri-Money"

Characters Rip Kirby; Ann [Honey Dorian]; Fats [Sleepy]; Margie [Julie]
Genre Adventure
Script Fred Dickenson
Pencils Alex Raymond
Inks Alex Raymond; Ray Burns (ink assist)
Letters Ray Burns
Notes Credits + reprint data from Alberto Becattini, added April 2007. Numerous strips cut or missing. Dialogues have been altered heavily. Kirby's girlfriend Honey Dorian is called Ann here. The two crooks, originally named Sleepy and Julie, were turned into Fats and Margie, respectively.
Reprinted from Rip Kirby daily (King Features Syndicate) 1950.03.28 - 1950.05.10 [numberous strips are cut or missing, dialogue has been heavily altered]