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Issue Details

Issue #27
Published October 1985
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.65 USD; 0.75 CAD; 0.30 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Don Daley (Assistant Editor); Denny O'Neil (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Shaman; Snowbird; Talisman; Guardian [Delphine Courtney]
Genre superhero
Pencils John Byrne (signed)
Inks John Byrne (signed)
Notes Signature dated 1985.

1 page Captain America; Young Astronaut Program public service announcement "Reach for the Stars"

Characters Captain America
Genre superhero
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

22 page Alpha Flight story "Betrayal"

Characters Alpha Flight [Heather Hudson; Shaman; Snowbird; Puck; Aurora; Northstar; Talisman; Box [Walter Langkowski]; Roger Bochs]; Douglas Thompson; Omega Flight [Guardian [Delphine Courtney]; Wildchild; Diamond Lil; Flashback]; Hulk (Cameo)
Synopsis With most of Alpha Flight captured by Omega Flight at the East Edmonton Mall, Shaman, Aurora and Box ride in to the rescue. Snowbird also leaves her quiet life with Doug to help her friends. The remainder of Alpha Flight learns too late that Guardian is really an evil robot as the villain snatches Shaman's medicine pouch and roots around inside for Smart Alec (who was placed in there during the events of AF #12). Things get worse when Guardian turns the medicine pouch inside out which unleashes magical forces which threaten to destroy the world. Talisman is able to use her abilities to contain the madness but Shaman fails to rescue her and she is pulled into the pouch.
Genre superhero
Script John Byrne
Pencils John Byrne
Inks John Byrne; Keith Williams (assist)
Colors Andy Yanchus
Letters Rick Parker
Notes Continued in Secret Wars II #4 and Incredible Hulk #313.

1 page letters page "Alpha Waves"

Script Denny O'Neil
Letters Typeset
Notes Letters of comment from readers Chris Littlefield, Kevin Trabert, Bob Lackey, Mike Niederer, Christopher Allen, Jim Molesky and Tom Heines.