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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published April 1971
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "This is your finish, Doom!" / Rampage!

Characters Dr. Doom; Red Skull; Ka-Zar; Zabu
Genre Superhero; Jungle
Pencils John Buscema
Inks John Verpoorten ?
Letters Sam Rosen
Notes Cover inks credit from Nick Caputo via the GCD Error List (2 January 2008); the original indexer credited Frank Giacoia. Letters credit from George Olshevsky's Marvel Comics Index #7B.
Reprinted in Essential Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel, 2004 series) #1 (2004) [black and white]; in Fantastici Quattro, I (Editoriale Corno, 1971 series) #44

10 page Ka-Zar story "Rampage!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Garokk (Villain, Death); Zaladane (Villain, Death); Guardian of the Pool (Introduction, Death); Tongah; Zabu
Synopsis Ka-Zar is taken to the Pool that Garokk drank from that made him immortal. He is attacked by the Guardian of the Pool but he manages to defeat him and then cast Garokk into the Pool where he loses his immortality and dies.
Genre Jungle
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Barry Windsor-Smith [as Barry Smith]
Inks Frank Giacoia
Letters Mike Stevens
Reprinted in Savage Tales Annual (Marvel, 1975 series) #1 (Summer 1975) [black and white]

Half page Mighty Marvel Checklist promo (ad from the publisher) "The Mighty Marvel Checklist"

Script ? (promo copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Marvel checklist for comics now on sale! Comics listed with a synopsis are Fantastic Four #109, Spider-Man #95, Thor #186, Avengers #86, Captain America & The Falcon #136, Hulk #138, Iron Man #36, Sub-Mariner #36, Astonishing Tales #5, Conan the Barbarian #4, Daredevil #74, Monsters on the Prowl #10, Sgt. Fury #86, The X-Men #69, and Marvel's Greatest Comics #31. Appears between pages 6 and 7 of the first story.

Half page Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD promo (ad from the publisher) "2 More Triumphs From Marvel"

Characters Zzutak; Nick Fury; The Fixer; Mentallo
Genre Monsters; Superhero
Pencils Jack Kirby; Herb Trimpe
Inks Steve Ditko; John Severin
Notes Advertisement reproducing covers for Fear #3 and Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #18.

10 page Dr. Doom story "A Land Enslaved!"

Characters Dr. Doom; Red Skull (Villain); Exiles [Baldini; Iron-Hand Hauptmann; Krushki; Cadavus; Gruning; General Ching] (Villain)
Synopsis Dr. Doom returns to Latveria and defeats Red Skull and his Exiles to regain his kingdom.
Genre Superhero
Script Larry Lieber
Pencils George Tuska
Inks Mike Esposito
Letters Mike Stevens
Notes Pages 1 and 2 of this story are not reprinted in the Super-Villain Team-Up #15 reprint.
Reprinted in Essential Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel, 2004 series) #1 (2004) [black and white]; in Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel, 1975 series) #15 (November 1978) [-pages 1 and 2]; in Fantastici Quattro, I (Editoriale Corno, 1971 series) #44

1 page Marvel Bullpen Bulletins; Stan Lee's Soapbox promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins: Wondrous Words of Wit and Wisdom With Which To Waste Some Time! [April 1971]; Stan Lee's Soapbox"

Script ?; Stan Lee
Letters Typeset
Notes The Marvel Bullpen Bulletins articles concern new adaptations of Robert E. Howard's stories in Conan the Barbarian and various authors, disc jockeys and movie producers commenting on Marvel Comics. Stan Lee's Soapbox is about how letter writers to Captain America and the Falcon are focusing on current events rather than the stories. Also includes head shots of Thor, Human Torch [Johnny Storm], Iron Man [Tony Stark], Daredevil, Captain America [Steve Rogers], Iceman, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Thing, Hulk [Bruce Banner] and Sub-Mariner.

1 page Astonishing Mails letters page "Astonishing Mails"

Letters Typeset
Notes Includes letters from (and answers to) Ron Andrukitis, James Dixon, Mike Scorzelli, Paul Karasik and Daniel L. Gheno.