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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published 1991
Frequency annually
Cover Price 2.00 USD; 2.45 CAD; 1.00 GBP
Pages 68
Editing Ralph Macchio (Editor); Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Subterranean Wars Part 1"

Characters Hercules; Rage; Sersi; She-Hulk; Sandman; Quasar
Genre superhero
Pencils Tom Morgan (signed)
Inks Tom Morgan (signed)

25 page Avengers story "A Storm in Subterranea Part 1: Of Moles and Mutates"

Characters FEATURE: Avengers [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Hercules; Sersi; She-Hulk; Quasar; Vision; Black Widow [Natasha Romanov]; Sandman; Rage]; VILLAINS: Mole Man; Tyrannus; Grotesk; Brutus; Mutates; GUEST: Kala
Genre superhero
Script Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas
Pencils Kevin West
Inks Fred Fredericks
Colors Renee Witterstaetter
Letters Janice Chiang
Notes Cont'd in INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL #17; Part 1 of Subterranean Wars

10 page Watcher story "The History of Subterranea"

Characters FEATURE: Watcher; GUESTS: Celestials; Eternals; Deviants; Black Knight [Dane Whitman]; Tyrannus; Tyrannoids; Merlin; King Arthur; Mole Man; Hulk; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Kala; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Thor; Giant-Man [Hank Pym]; Wasp; Lava Men; Grotesk; Ms. Marvel; Dr. Strange; Kro; Ghaur; Tode; Brutus; X-Men [Jean Grey; Beast; Angel; Iceman]; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Human Torch; The Thing]
Genre superhero
Script Peter Sanderson
Pencils Jeff Moore
Inks Bud LaRosa
Colors Kevin Tinsley
Letters Rick Parker
Notes Part 1 of Subterranean History

8 page Vision story "Burning Vision"

Characters FEATURE: Vision
Genre superhero
Script Eric Fein
Pencils Michael Bair
Inks Michael Bair
Colors Greg Wright
Letters Yug

10 page Thor story "A Wing and a Prayer"

Characters FEATURE: Thor; GUESTS: Beast; Jarvis; Odin; VILLAIN: Absorbing Man
Genre superhero
Script Michael Higgins
Pencils Ed Murr
Inks Michael Bair
Colors Steve Buccellato
Letters Michael Higgins

1 page Avengers story "Origin Story"

Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Lim
Notes O: Avengers (retold in brief)

1 page Avengers illustration "Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up"

Characters Thor; Iron Man; Hulk; Ant-Man; Wasp; Loki
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Mignola
Inks Mike Mignola