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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published September 1975
Cover Price 0.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Len Wein
Notes Pays tribute to the various Torch/Sub-Mariner battles of the early 1940's!

Cover Details - "Fire and Water!"

Characters Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Sub-Mariner [Prince Namor]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ron Wilson
Inks Frank Giacoia
Notes Pays tribute to the various Torch/Sub-Mariner battles of the early 1940's!

13 page Human Torch [Johnny Storm] story "The Master of Flame Vs. the Monarch of the Sea!!"

Characters Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Sub-Mariner [Prince Namor]; Thing [Ben Grimm] (cameo); Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards] (cameo); Invisible Girl [Sue Storm] (cameo)
Synopsis Johnny is frustrated that his partners don't take him seriously. Reminded by a photo that Sue still has a crush on Sub-Mariner, Johnny decides to impress them by challenging Namor to a fight! Flying over the water, his flame gives out, and mistaken for a stowaway, he's put to work mopping the deck of a ship! But when they're caught in a dense fog, Johnny proves who he is by guiding the grateful crew to safety. Johnny writes a message in flames challenging Namor, who at first isn't interested, but soon a major free-for-all erupts. At one point Namor uses an idol to hypnotize Johnny so he can clobber him, then sends him toward home tied to the back of a porpoise. But Johnny revives, and using his flame to the utmost pursues Namor underwater, trapping him in an tunnel. Exhausted, Johnny's picked up by the same ship again. Namor frees himself, impressed that The Torch is more powerful than he realized, though still a teenager. Namor wonders if he might one day convince The Torch to join him and beat the Fantastic Four! Back home, Johnny collapses, and Sue makes a snide comment about how tiring working on hot rods must be.
Genre Superhero
Script Stan Lee (Plot); Larry Lieber (Script)
Pencils Dick Ayers
Inks Dick Ayers
Letters Artie Simek
Editing Stan Lee (Original Editor)
Notes Fifth modern-day appearance of The Sub-Mariner. Previous appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR #14 (May 1963); next appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 (November 1963). Although this story came out a month before FF #14, it feels much more like a sequel. First non-Jack Kirby Sub-Mariner story of the 1960's. Sub-Mariner exhibits the powers of a puffer fish and an electric eel, never seen again after this story! Splash page slightly reformatted and page numbers removed for this reprint.
Reprinted from Strange Tales (Marvel, 1951 series) #107 (April 1963)

5 page The Original Human Torch [Jim Hammond] story "Human Torch - Fugitive at Large!"

Characters Original Human Torch [Jim Hammond]; Toro; Comrade Rak; other unnamed Communist spies
Genre Superhero
Script Stan Lee ?
Pencils Dick Ayers (signed)
Inks Ernie Bache
Editing Stan Lee (Original Editor)
Notes "The Original" added to reprint splash to distinguish story from lead feature, this story is also reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #13 (March 1968) and in Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1966 series) #121 (November 1980). Inks credit by Dr. Michael Vassallo (May 2009). Previous indexer had Dick Ayers for both pencils and inks.
Reprinted from Sub-Mariner Comics (Marvel, 1954 series) #35 (August 1954)