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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published December 1984
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Budiansky

Cover Details

Characters Iceman; White Light; The Idiot
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks John Beatty

23 page Iceman story "The Fuse!"

Characters Iceman; GUEST: Marge Smith [Mirage]; William Drake; Madeline Drake; VILLAINS: Oblivion; The Idiot; White Light
Synopsis Bobby heads home to attend his father's retirement party but finds himself full of neurosis and insecurity at having to face a set of parents who aren't exactly happy that their son is a super hero; His fears seem well grounded as his folks are simply bursting with "good" advice and recriminations as they still treat their grown son as if he is an irresponsible kid; The party itself is a wash as Bobby snaps off at one of his relatives and gets bawled out by his dad; He heads next door to hang out with beautiful neighbor, Marge Smith, but just as they are getting to know each other better, they are attacked by the alien looking beings, White Light and the Idiot; Marge and her family disappear in a flash of light as Iceman battles the villains; He defeats his foes but destroys the neighbor's house in the process; To make matters worse, his parents are outraged that he has exposed his mutant powers in front of the entire family.
Genre superhero
Script J. M. DeMatteis
Pencils Alan Kupperberg
Inks Mike Gustovich
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Janice Chiang