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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published August 1976
Cover Price 0.30 USD
Pages 36
Editing Marv Wolfman
Notes Letters page replies by Chris Claremont.

Cover Details - "The Shocker You Never Thought You Would See...Death-Match!!"

Characters Iron Fist; Yu-Ti; Colleen Wing
Genre superhero; martial arts
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks Frank Giacoia
Letters Dan Crespi
Notes Giacoia cover credit provided 2006 by Nick Caputo.

17 page Iron Fist story "Death Match!"

Characters Iron Fist (Origin details); GUESTS: Colleen Wing; Misty Knight; Yu-Ti; Lei Kung, the Thunderer; Jeryn Hogarth; VILLAINS: Master Khan; Angar the Screamer; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Shakirah (1st; Wendell Rand's first wife); Wendell Rand; Alan Cavanaugh; Lee Wing; Lt. Rafael Scarfe
Synopsis On his flight to Master Kahn's fortress with Misty Knight, Danny learns from his father's lawyer, Jeryn Hogarth, that he is a very rich man; Back in K'un-Lun, the Thunderer catches Yu-Ti spying on Iron Fist in a giant crystal; Iron Fist finally finds Colleen but she has been brainwashed into hating him and attacks; While battling one of his closest friends and being assaulted by Angar's mindstorm, Iron Fist is able to break Colleen's conditioning by using his powers to meld minds with her; This saps all of his remaining strength and he is assaulted by Khan's goons.
Genre superhero; martial arts
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Frank Chiaramonte
Colors ? (left blank)
Letters Gaspar Saladino (page one), Karen Mantlo
Notes There is a listing for "colorist" in the credits, but it's blank where the name should be.