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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published March 1971
Cover Price 0.15
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details

Characters Iron Man; Daredevil; Nick Fury; Aquarius; Capricorn; Saggitarius
Genre superhero
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Sal Buscema
Reprinted in Essential Daredevil (Marvel, 2002 series) #3

19 page Iron Man story "Revenge!"

Characters FEATURE: Iron Man; GUESTS: Daredevil; Nick Fury; Dum Dum Dugan; Jasper Sitwell; SHIELD; Madame Masque; Kevin O'Brien; VILLAINS: Zodiac (Aquarius; Capricorn; Saggitarius); Spymaster
Synopsis Trying to keep the Zodiac Key out of the hands of Spymaster, Iron Man and his allies are captured along with the Key once Zodiac gets involved.
Genre superhero
Script Allyn Brodsky (Plot); Gerry Conway
Pencils Don Heck
Inks Mike Esposito
Letters Artie Simek
Notes Cont'd in DAREDEVIL #73
Reprinted in Essential Daredevil (Marvel, 2002 series) #3