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Issue Details

Issue #30
Published July 1976
Cover Price 0.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee (original); ? (reprint)
Notes Romita cover credits provided 2006 by Nick Caputo.

Cover Details

Characters Hercules; Enchantress
Genre superhero
Pencils Gil Kane; John Romita (Enchantress figure and alterations)
Inks John Romita?
Notes Romita cover credits provided 2006 by Nick Caputo.
Reprinted from Avengers, The (Marvel, 1963 series) #38 (March 1967) [with alterations]

18 page The Avengers story "In Our Midst...An Immortal!"

Characters Goliath; Hawkeye; Captain America; Scarlet Witch; The Wasp; Quicksilver; Hercules; Black Widow; Enchantress
Genre superhero
Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Don Heck
Inks George Bell
Letters Artie Simek
Notes Missing two pages from the original

1 page Hulk; Hostess; Hostess Cup-Cakes advertisement The Incredible Hulk and "Friends!"

Characters Hulk; Toad Man
Genre superhero
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Mike Esposito?
Letters Irving Watanabe

1 page Eagle-Eye GI Joe advertisement "Eagle-Eye GI Joe Meets the Intruder [Strongman From Another World] "

Characters Eagle-Eye GI Joe
Synopsis Eagle-Eye GI Joe can see the Intruder in the jungle with his keen vision. He tries to stop the Intruder but is caught in a bear hug instead. He flips the Intruder off and he escapes into the jungle.