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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published 1977
Cover Price 0.60
Pages 52
Editing Archie Goodwin

Cover Details - "To Duel a Mad God!"

Characters Thing; Spider-Man; Adam Warlock; Thanos; Captain America; Thor; Iron Man; Scarlet Witch; Beast; Vision; Captain Marvel; Moondragon
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Starlin
Inks Jim Starlin
Letters typeset; Dan Crespi?
Reprinted in Essential Marvel Two-In-One (Marvel, 2005 series) #2; in Marvel Masterworks: Warlock (Marvel, 2006 series) #2

34 page Thing; Spider-Man story "Death Watch!"

Characters Thing; Spider-Man; Captain Marvel; Moondragon; Adam Warlock; Gamora; Pip the Troll; Lord Chaos (introduction); Master Order (introduction); Captain America; Iron Man; Thor; Scarlet Witch; Vision; Beast; Thanos
Synopsis The Thing and Spidey travel to Thanos' huge space ship which he plans on using in conjunction with the Soul Gem to make the sun go Nova, thus ending all life in the galaxy; Thing is captured and placed in stasis along with the rest of the Avengers but Spidey pulls himself together and breaks them all free; As the heroes battle the mad titan, Spidey is tipped off by Chaos and Order and frees Adam Warlock from the Soul Gem for a final showdown with Thanos.
Genre superhero; science fiction
Script Jim Starlin
Pencils Jim Starlin (breakdowns); Joe Rubinstein (finished art)
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Petra Goldberg
Letters Annette Kawecki
Reprinted in Warlock (Marvel, 1982 series) #6; in Warlock (Marvel, 1992 series) #6; in Marvel Masterworks: Warlock (Marvel, 2006 series) #2; in Essential Marvel Two-In-One (Marvel, 2005 series) #2; in Aventure de l'Araignée, Une (Lug, 1977 series) #10