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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published March 1961
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Distributed to newstands in October 1960. This issue includes 10 pages of paid advertisements. All new stories in this issue are narrated in the first person unless otherwise specified. Distribution date from Joseph Marek's Marvel Comics Group history website.

Cover Details - "Behold...Goom!...The Thing from Planet X!"

Characters Goom
Genre monsters
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 2006 series) #2 (2008)

13 page story "Goom! The Thing from Planet X!"

Characters Goom (introduction, origin); Mark Langley (introduction); Helen Langley (introduction)
Synopsis After attracting the hostile attention of Goom of Planet X, a scientist realizes that any civilization possessing such advanced technology must be benevolent and that his radar transmissions must have been intercepted by a criminal. He rebroadcasts to Planet X, and the Earth officials plan to execute him as a traitor summoning a full invasion fleet from Planet X, when the representatives from Planet X arrive and stop the execution and take Goom into their custody and leave the planet.
Genre monsters
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Notes This story is divided into two part: an untitled part one (6 pp) and part two—"Goom" (7 pp). Mark and Helen Langley next appear in issue #17 (May 1961), along with Goom's son. Goom's next published appearance is in Warlock and the Infinity Watch (Marvel, 1992 series) #7 (August 1992); while his next chronological appearance is in Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl (Marvel, 2005 series) #1 (December 2005); he also appeared in Nick Fury's Howling Commandos (Marvel, 2005 series). The speech of the scientist hero at the end is similar to many others in Marvel books at this time, including Reed Richards' speech in Fantastic Four (Marvel, 1961 series) #24 (March 1964).
Reprinted in Giant-Size Man-Thing (Marvel, 1974 series) #1 (August 1974); in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 2006 series) #6 (2008)

2 page text story "Masquerade"

Characters Tommy; Kitty Blake; Old King Cole
Synopsis A man with no imagination is invited to a costume party by his girlfriend, but stumbles across real fairy-tale folk instead.
Genre occult
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with illustration.
Reprinted from Journey Into Unknown Worlds (Marvel, 1951 series) #38 (October 1955)

5 page story "I Am The Living Ghost!"

Synopsis A man enters a castle determined to prove that there are no ghosts, but the events he experiences convince him that the castle is haunted, and so he flees. It turns out that the castle does not contain any ghosts, but is possessed by animated suits of armor and living stone gargoyles.
Genre occult
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Steve Ditko
Notes Narrated by one of the animated beings.
Reprinted in Giant-Size Dracula (Marvel, 1974 series) #4 (March 1975); in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 2006 series) #6 (2008)

5 page story "Moomboo!"

Characters Moomboo
Synopsis A shaman cons his tribe, but when a seemingly magic idol appears he attacks it and it vanishes. It was an extra-dimensional scout, and its experience decides its people not to contact Earth.
Genre science fiction
Pencils Don Heck
Inks Don Heck
Notes Narrated in the second person to the shaman.
Reprinted in James Bond (Semic Press AB, 1965 series) #19/[1972] (April 11, 1972) [as "Moomboos magi", Swedish translation]; in Creepy Worlds (Alan Class, 1962 series) #149; in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense (Marvel, 2006 series) #6 (2008)