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Issue Details

Issue #80
Published June 1966
Cover Price 0.12
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details

Characters Sub-Mariner; Dorma
Genre superhero
Pencils Gene Colan
Inks Bill Everett
Reprinted in Essential Hulk (Marvel, 1999 series) #1

12 page Sub-Mariner story "To the Death!"

Characters F: Sub-Mariner; V: Puppet Master, Krang, The Behemoth; GA: Dorma, Lord Vashti
Genre superhero
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Gene Colan
Inks Dick Ayers
Letters Sam Rosen
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #35

10 page The Incredible Hulk story "They Dwell in the Depths!"

Characters FEATURE: Hulk; GUESTS: Glen Talbot; Betty Ross; Rick Jones; VILLAINS: Tyrannus; Mole Man; Subterraneans
Synopsis The Hulk is pulled into the underground kingdom of Tyrannus who has been separated from the fountain of youth and has become a feeble old man; The jade giant's old foe (they fought in Incredible Hulk #5) asks for his help in retaking the fountain from his rival, the Mole Man, and he makes his argument for assistance stronger by revealing that he has captured Rick, Betty and Glen; The dim-witted Hulk doesn't understand this turn of events as he recognizes the captive trio only as members of the people who constantly hound him; When Betty mentions Banner, Hulk goes wild but his destruction is put to an abrupt end as the Mole Man attacks; The Hulk fights Mole Man's powerful (and silly looking) octo-sapien robot and in the scuffle, falls into the fountain of youth which doesn't make him younger but DOES transform him back into puny Banner.
Genre superhero
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Jack Kirby (Layouts); Bill Everett
Inks Bill Everett
Letters Art Simek
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #35; in Essential Hulk (Marvel, 1999 series) #1