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Issue Details

Issue #395
Published July 1970
Cover Price 0.15
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger; E. Nelson Bridwell

Cover Details

Characters Supergirl; a Kryptonian thought-beast
Genre superhero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Murphy Anderson

13 page Supergirl story "The Rejected Supergirl!"

Characters Supergirl; Sophia Loren; Marie Curie; Florence Nightingale; Greta Garbo; Barbra Streisand; Coretta King; Dr. H. H. Hanson; Binnie Baker
Genre superhero
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Win Mortimer
Inks Jack Abel

12 page Supergirl story "The Heroine in the Haunted House!"

Characters Supergirl; a Kryptonian thought-beast; Lara; Zor-El; General Zod; Jax-Ur; Kru-El; Roz-Em
Genre superhero
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Notes vs. Jax-Ur, General Vakox, and Kru-El; continued next issue