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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published February 1979
Cover Price 0.40 USD
Pages 36
Editing Julius Schwartz

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Superman (photo and as Clark Kent); Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]
Genre superhero
Pencils Ross Andru (signed)
Inks Dick Giordano (signed)

17 page Superman and Green Lantern story "The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!"

Characters Superman [Kal-El, aka. Clark Kent]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Star Sapphire [Carol Ferris] (villain); Green Arrow (photo); Batman (photo); Wonder Woman (photo); Black Canary (photo); Lois Lane; Josh Coyle; Kimon [a Weaponer of Qward]; Fridol [Lord of The Weaponers of Qward]; Zamarons (flashback)
Synopsis Star Sapphire has temporarily defeated Green Lantern, who falls from the sky at Clark Kent's feet and hands Clark the power ring. As Superman, Clark helps Green Lantern defeat Star Sapphire, but is attacked by Fridol.
Genre superhero
Script Paul Levitz
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Frank Chiaramonte [as Francisco Chiaramonte]
Colors Jerry Serpe
Letters Ben Oda
Notes Continued in DC Presents #7, with the Red Tornado. References Green Lantern #16. Credits for script, pencils and inks confirmed from Julius Schwartz's editorial records, provided by DC Comics.

1 page The Penguin advertisement "Penguins on Parade"

Characters The Penguin; Gotham City police officers
Synopsis The Penguin distracts people with marching penguin puppets while stealing an antique sword, but is himself distracted by Hostess Fruit Pies planted by the police.
Genre super-hero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Vince Colletta
Notes Ad for Hostess Fruit Pies. Ad Appears between pages 8 and 9 of sequence 1.

Half page DC Super-Heroes advertisement "Super-Hero Stick-Ons!"

Characters Hawkman [Katar Hol]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Superman; Flash [Barry Allen]; Batman; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Green Arrow; Aquaman; Supergirl [Kara]
Genre super-hero
Letters typeset
Notes Drawings may be from previously published stories. Ad for product by Family Bazaar, Inc.

1 page The DC Readers Present letters page "The DC Readers Present"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from Rick Bedard; Tony Edwards.

1 page Ask The Answer Man; Direct Currents; Hembeck promo (ad from the publisher) "Daily Planet Volume 78 Issue 44"

Characters Green Lantern; Green Arrow; Billy Batson; Captain Marvel
Genre super-hero
Script Bob Rozakis
Editing Bob Rozakis; Anthony Tollin (production)
Notes Information on upcoming DC comics, with a question and answer feature and a Hembeck cartoon. Volume 78, Issue 44, Week of November 6, 1978.