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Issue Details

Issue #245
Published December 1985
Cover Price 0.75
Pages 36
Editing Andy Helfer
Notes Crisis Cross-Over

Cover Details

Characters Steel
Genre superhero
Pencils Luke McDonnell
Inks Bill Wray
Notes Crisis Cross-Over

23 page Justice League of America story "The Long Road Home"

Characters Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Elongated Man; Steel (new costume); Vibe; Vixen; Zatanna; Gypsy (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Fury [Lyta Trevor]; Northwind; Silver Scarab; Nuklon (all as Infinity Inc., all flashback); Olanda; Sue Dibny; Dale Gunn; Commander Steel; Lord of Time (villain)
Genre superhero
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Luke McDonnell
Inks Mike Machlan
Letters Albert DeGuzman
Notes Spotlight on Steel, he gains a new costume. Vs the Lord of Time.