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Issue Details

Issue #84
Published July 1968
Frequency Monthly except for March, June and December
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger; E. Nelson Bridwell (assistant)

Cover Details - "Lois Lane, Convict!"

Characters Lois Lane; Superman [Clark Kent]
Genre superhero
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams
Notes Pencil credits from the Neal Adams Checklist at; the original indexer credited Irv Novick.
Reprinted in Adventures of Jerry Lewis (DC, 1957 series) #107 (July-August 1968) [interior, 0.25 page promo]

17 page Lois Lane story "Lois Lane, Convict!"

Characters Lois Lane; Superman [Clark Kent]; Coral Stone; Steve Randall; Hal Trevor; Maisie Dixon; Superman [Clark Kent]; Louie the Lush; Perry White (Cameo)
Synopsis Lois takes a vacation out west to visit a college friend and ends up in prison for crimes she didn't commit.
Genre superhero
Script Leo Dorfman
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Mike Esposito

Half page Billy filler "This social dancing class is for the birds."

Synopsis Billy's friend doesn't like the school dance.
Genre gag
Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff

7 page Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane story "The Last Days of Lois Lane!"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Lois Lane; General Horton; Professor Van Hess; Dr. Jerrold
Synopsis Lois believes she's got less than a week to live due to radiation poisoning and tries to get stories that no other reporter would attempt.
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (DC, 1958 series) #27

1 page Letters to Lois and Lana letters page

Letters Typeset