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Issue Details

Issue #75
Published July 1967
Frequency Monthly, with the exception of March, June and December
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger; E. Nelson Bridwell (Assistant)

Cover Details - "The Lady Dictator!"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Lois Lane
Genre superhero
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Notes Wayne Boring credit removed May 2009 Thanks to Ted Watson.

1 page Revell advertisement "1/32 is almost real."

Pencils ? (photograph)
Inks ? (photograph)
Letters typeset
Notes Revell 1/32 scale model planes: Supermarine Spitfire MK-1; Curtiss P-40E "Flying Tiger"; Messerschmitt Bf 109F

23 page Lois Lane story "The Lady Dictator!"

Characters Lois Lane; Superman [Clark Kent]; Maestro; Lucy Lane; General Tigre; Vargas the Sculptor; Sam Lane; Ella Lane; Jor-El (Cameo); Lara (Cameo)
Synopsis The Maestro forces Lois Lane to tell a confused Superman that he is really a crook and have him help Maestro in his plans.
Genre superhero
Script Leo Dorfman
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger (signed)
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger (signed)

1 page Aurora advertisement "Build your own Chamber of Chills piece by pulsating piece!"

Letters typeset
Notes Aurora models: Dracula; King Kong; Frankenstein; Dr. Jekyl as Mr. Hyde; Phantom of the Opera

1 page public service announcement "Make Your Summer Count!"

Script Jack Schiff
Pencils Sheldon Moldoff
Letters Ira Schnapp

Half page Janie story "Oh golly! Yeah -- Gee Whiz!"

Characters Janie; Janie's mom
Synopsis Janie's mom thinks she uses to much slang in her vocabulary.
Genre Humor
Pencils Bob Oksner ?
Inks Bob Oksner ?

Half page Teen Titans promo (ad from the publisher) "Teen Titans #10"

Characters Robin [Dick Grayson]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Aqualad [Garth]; The Scorcher
Notes Advertisement for Teen Titans #10 (August 1967); on sale May 16th

1 page Batman promo (ad from the publisher) "Batman #193"

Characters Batman
Notes Advertisement for Batman #193 (August 1967); on sale May 9th

Half page The Maniaks promo (ad from the publisher) "Showcase #69"

Characters The Maniaks
Notes Advertisement for Showcase #69 (August 1967); on sale May 23rd

Half page Palisades Amusement Park advertisement "Be my guest at America's Greatest Amusement Park"

Characters Superman
Notes advertisement for Palisades Amusement Park

1 page Letters to Lois and Lana letters page

Script Ed. (Mort Weisinger ?)
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Letters Typeset
Notes Letters from: M. Shelby Silver; A Faithful Reader; Peggy Wong; Dale Campbell; Arlene Roemer; Peter Makris; Robin Shiver; Joseph Schaller

1 page Batman promo (ad from the publisher) "Holy Pin-Ups!"

Characters Batman; Robin; Riddler; Joker; Penguin; Batmobile
Genre superhero
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Murphy Anderson; Joe Giella
Notes ad for 11"x14" pinups; 3 sets of two suitable for framing; all six for $1.00

1 page advertisement "Woods Edge, a G.I. Battle Game, Only $1.00"

Letters typeset
Notes Left portion of advertisement artwork is a swipe of the cover of Showcase #45 (July-August 1963).

1 page Direct Currents promo (ad from the publisher)

Letters Typeset
Notes Information on DC titles on sale: May 18, 1967: Superboy #140; The Inferior Five #3; House of Mystery #168; May 23, 1967: Plastic Man #5; Showcase #69; May 25, 1967: Metamorpho #13; Jimmy Olsen #103; Green Lantern #54

1 page advertisement "100 Magnets/How to do Strong Man Tricks"

Notes 2 advertisements: 100 magnets; How To Do Strong Man Tricks...Without Strength! book

1 page Daisy B-B Guns advertisement "Fun as all outdoors...even indoors!"

Letters typeset
Notes advertisement for Daisy 26 B-B Gun