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Issue Details

Issue #106
Published November 1970
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing E. Nelson Bridwell

Cover Details - "I Am Curious (Black)!"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Lois Lane; Thorn
Genre superhero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Murphy Anderson

14 page Lois Lane story "I Am Curious (Black)!"

Characters Lois Lane; Superman [also as Clark Kent]; Benny the Beret; Dave Stevens
Synopsis In order to do a story on the African-American community in Metorpolis, Lois uses a Kryptonian machine to make herself appear African-American. Thus disguised she enters the community and shares some of its everyday experiences with a woman in a tenement slum and an activist on the streets.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Werner Roth
Inks Vince Colletta
Reprinted in Superman in the Seventies (DC, 2000 series) #nn; in Supermann (Williams Forlag A/S, 1969 series) #3/1975

1 page Letters to Lois and Rose letters page

Letters Typeset

2 page Wonder Women of History story "Martha G. Kimball"

Characters Martha G. Kimball; General Sherman
Synopsis Martha Kimball helps soldiers during the Civil War.
Genre Fact; biography; history
Script Julius Schwartz
Pencils John Giunta
Inks John Giunta
Notes Original credits of Irwin Hasen (P/I) replaced. Art ID by Bob Hughes. (MN 5/2009)
Reprinted from Wonder Woman (DC, 1942 series) #53

8 page Rose and the Thorn story "Where Do You Plant a Thorn?"

Characters Thorn [Rose Forrest]; The 100; Detective Danny Stone; Vince Adams; Mr. Orchid
Synopsis Mr. Orchid tries to kill Thorn for the 100.
Genre Adventure; Hero; Crime
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Ross Andru
Inks Mike Esposito

1 page Women of Distiction story

Characters Harriet Maxwell Converse; Blanche Stuart; Susanna Salter; Hannah Adams
Synopsis Famous women from history.
Genre Biography; History
Reprinted From ?

1 page Direct Currents promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis DC titles on sale Early September 1970.
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