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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published June-July 1976
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 52
Editing E. Nelson Bridwell

Cover Details

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Superboy [Clark Kent]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Eclipso [Bruce Gordon]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ernie Chan
Inks Ernie Chan

1 page Joker; Hostess advertisement "The Cornered Clown"

Characters Joker
Synopsis The Joker tries to escape from the police using Hostess Fruit Pies.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Vince Colletta
Notes Hostess Fruit Pies Ad.

24 page Batman story "Batman versus Eclipso"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Eclipso [Bruce Gordon]; Queen Bee [Marcia Monroe]; James Gordon; Nicky Jarvas; Frankie Malone; Gorilla Grimes; Cyclops (international crime syndicate); Mona Bennet; Professor Bennet (Mona Bennet's father); Police Officer O'Brien
Synopsis Queen Bee and Eclipso start a crime wave in Gotham City, and frame Batman for the theft of a jewel from the city museum.
Genre Superhero
Script Bob Haney
Pencils Win Mortimer
Inks Win Mortimer
Notes three chapters; 8.67, 8.67 and 6.67 pages
Reprinted from Brave and the Bold, The (DC, 1955 series) #64 (February-March 1966)

Half page filler "The Quiet Man"

Genre Gag

1 page Eclipso filler "The Origin of Eclipso!"

Characters Eclipso [Bruce Gordon] (Origin recap); Mophir
Synopsis Brief origin recap of how Bruce Gordon became Eclipso.
Genre superhero
Script E. Nelson Bridwell
Pencils Lee Elias
Inks Lee Elias
Notes Art from various past issues of House of Secrets.

1 page Superboy's Workshop activity "Make Yourself a Mask!"

Characters Superboy [Clark Kent]
Synopsis How to make your own masks.
Reprinted from Superboy (DC, 1949 series) #24

8 page Superboy story "Superboy Meets Superman"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Lois Lane; Superboy [Clark Kent]
Synopsis Superboy accidentally flies through time to the future where he meets his grown-up self.
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks George Klein
Notes Inker credit from Bob Hughes (1/2009). Previously credited to John Fischetti.
Reprinted from Superboy (DC, 1949 series) #47 (March 1956)

1 page Team Talk letters page

Script E. Nelson Bridwell
Letters Typeset