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Issue #198
Published October 1973
Cover Price 0.20 USD
Pages 36
Editing Murray Boltinoff

Cover Details - "The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time"

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes [Brainiac 5; Element Lad; Princess Projectra; Karate Kid; Mon-El]; Superboy; Fatal Five [Tharok; Validus; Persuader; Mano; Emerald Empress]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Reprinted in The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives (1991 series) #10

20 page Superboy Starring the Legion of Super-Heroes story "The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time!"

Characters Superboy; Fatal Five [Emerald Empress; Persuader; Tharok; Validus; Mano]; Lana Lang; Legion of Super-Heroes [Brainiac 5; Element Lad; Princess Projectra; Karate Kid; Chameleon Boy [also as Mano]; Mon-El; Colossal Boy]
Synopsis At a carnival in his own time period, Superboy faces the Fatal Five. A Legion team trails the Fatal Five to Superboy's time, while, due to a time-distortion machine placed in Superboy's time by the Fatal Five, the rest of the Legion and their headquarters fade from existence in the future. The Legion team in Superboy's time disables the time-distorting machine, and so in the future Legion headquarters rematerializes, imprisoning Mano and Tharok.
Genre Superhero
Script Cary Bates
Pencils Dave Cockrum
Inks Dave Cockrum
Letters Ben Oda
Notes Lettering credit from reprint in Legion Archives. Element Lad and Princess Projectra are in new costumes and Colossal Boy's costume is modifed from the previous version beginning this story.
Reprinted in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest (DC, 1980 series) #8; in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, The (DC, 1991 series) #10

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Script Paul Levitz?
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Murphy Anderson