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Issue Details

Issue #227
Published May 1977
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.30 USD
Pages 36
Editing Denny O'Neil
Notes average sales per issue previous year - 218,000

Cover Details - "Those fools! They trusted me! They didn't suspect a thing..."

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes [Superboy; Brainiac 5; Princess Projectra; Wildfire; Colossal Boy]
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Grell (signed)
Inks Mike Grell (signed)

17 page Legion of Super-Heroes story "War at World's End!"

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes [Superboy; Brainiac 5; Wildfire; Saturn Girl; Phantom Girl; Colossal Boy; Princess Projectra; Shadow Lass; Shrinking Violet; Lightning Lad]; Pulsar Stargrave [Brainiac]; Holdur; Quicksand
Synopsis On Colu, Pulsar Stargrave creates diversions for the Legion while he attempts to revive the ancient computers that created him and enslave the planet's population.
Genre superhero
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Joe Staton
Inks Jack Abel

Half page text article "Another Masterful Missive from our Publisher!"

Script Jenette Kahn
Pencils ? (photo)
Inks ? (photo)
Letters typeset
Notes message from the publisher

Half page DC Profiles #3 biography (nonfictional) "Mike Fleisher"

Genre biography
Script Mike Gold
Letters typeset