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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published 1987
Frequency Annually
Cover Price 2.00 USD; 2.65 CAD; 0.80 GBP
Pages 52
Editing Karen Berger

Cover Details

Characters Swamp Thing; Congorilla
Genre horror
Pencils Brian Bolland (signed)
Inks Brian Bolland (signed)

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Deluxe Checklist"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

Half page Meanwhile... promo (ad from the publisher) "And the Winner is..."

Script Dick Giordano
Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

41 page Swamp Thing story "Distant Cousins"

Characters Gorilla Grodd; Swamp Thing; Abigail Cable; Monsieur Mallah; Brain; Angel O'Day; Sam Simeon; B'wana Beast [Mike Maxwell]; Djuba; Congo Bill; Janu; Congorilla; Roy Raymond; Gorilla Boss of Gotham City; Solovar; Lipchitz (introduction); Prince Charles; Desmond Tutu
Synopsis Gorilla Grodd tries to escape from Gorilla City. He uses his incredible mind to lure various ape heroes to him.
Genre horror
Script Rick Veitch
Pencils Rick Veitch (1-4,7,11,17,23,25,29-35); Shawn McManus (5-6,24); Jim Fern (8-10,24-28,36-37); Stan Woch (12-16,18-22,38-41)
Inks Tom Yeates
Colors Adrienne Roy
Letters Agustin Mas