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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published February-March 1969
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Dick Giordano; Carmine Infantino (Editorial Director)

Cover Details - "It's 12 O'Clock..The Witching Hour"

Characters Mordred the Witch
Genre Horror
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Notes cover credit from jim vandore

6 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Let the Judge Be..You!!!"

Characters Egor; Cynthia the stepsister; Mordred; Mildred
Synopsis In a mix of horror and humor, the old witches (Mildred & Mordred) mix up a "brew of stories" while verbally clashing with "hip" young witch, Cynthia. Bumbling Egor looks on.
Genre Horror
Script Alex Toth
Pencils Alex Toth
Inks Alex Toth
Notes This is the introduction to the book and the series.

4 page story "Save the Last Dance for Me!"

Characters Thurgood "Tin Toes" Trapley (millionaire magnate); Clot O'Neil; Dicky; Mildred the Witch (Cameo)
Synopsis Trapley is rich and selfish and has a machine that has locked onto earth 100 years into the future (although Clot says "1000", which doesn't agree with the year 2068 later). He wants all the benefits of traveling there for himself, and what he finds...well, you'll have to read the story.
Genre Horror
Script Denny O'Neil
Pencils Pat Boyette
Inks Pat Boyette
Reprinted in WITCHING HOUR #38 (January 1074)

1 page letters page "The Wonderful World of Comics #10"

Notes Three fans have their questions answered, plus there is nearly half the column devoted to Collector's Item comic books.

8 page story "Eternal Hour!"

Characters Terwit; the kind man; Gustav; Frederick; mocking kids; townspeople; Mordred the Witch (Cameo)
Synopsis Terwit is dwarfish and is teased and ridiculed by the town's boys. Most adults do nothing to stop it. Terwit recluses himself in a clock tower and the clock from then on is stopped at midnight. Years later, many of those boys, now men, go to the tower to drive Terwit out and their screams cry out...Why?
Genre Horror
Script Alex Toth
Pencils Alex Toth
Inks Alex Toth

5 page story "The Perfect Surf OR How to Make Waves Without Really Trying"

Characters Stanley (a surfing maniac); Carol; an old hag; a couple other surfers; Cynthia the Witch (Cameo)
Synopsis Stanley is totally nuts about surfing. He really never even notices the total babe at his side. He is obsessed with finding the "perfect wave". He is afforded an opportunity to find that wave in the dead of night. What do you think happens?
Genre Horror
Pencils Jack Sparling
Inks Jack Sparling

2 page recap "Epilogue of Let the Judge Be..You!!!"

Characters Mordred; Mildred; Cynthia; Egor
Synopsis The trash-talking witches end the story continuum, whilst Egor stomps off into the swamp.
Genre Horror
Script Alex Toth
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams
Notes We formerly had credited Neal Adams for the art in these two pages. Neal Adams credit from, as pointed out by Jean-Baptiste LeBlanc, via the GCD Errors list, May 2008.

1 page filler "Silk Gauze"

Characters Mr Thompson; Eva Thompson
Synopsis How silk gauze was used to deceive seance patrons.
Genre Fact
Reprinted in Unexpected, The (DC, 1968 series) #126