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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published December 1969-January 1970
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Dick Giordano; Carmine Infantino (editorial director)
Notes Indicia date: December 1969-January 1970. Cover date: January. Sale date: October 1969.

Cover Details

Genre horror
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Notes Cover credits from 'Art of Nick Cardy' book.

3 page Cynthia, Mildred & Mordred story "Framing sequence"

Characters Cynthia; Mildred; Mordred
Genre horror
Script Dave Kaler
Pencils Mike Sekowsky
Inks Dick Giordano
Notes Framing sequence. Page division: 2.67 pages at the beginning (page 3 is 2/3 of a page) and 1 page after the "Mad Menace" story. No credits. Art formerly credited to Alex Toth; Sekowsky credit from Jim Bain via the GCD Errors list, February 2010. Script and art credits posted in The Comic Reader #75 (1969).

5 page Arnie story "A Face In The Crowd!"

Characters Arnie (holocaust survivor); Bulgart (as a Nazi general and as a civilian); Cynthia (story host); a Rabbi
Genre horror
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Don Heck
Notes Page 6 is 1/2 a page. No credits. Artwork confirmed by Steven Grant (via email June 2008) Script credit posted in The Comic Reader #75 (1969). TCR also attributes the art to Mike Roy and Mike Peppe although the story is clearly pencilled by Don Heck. The inker is someone other than Heck.

Half page The i Patrol advertisement "Calling Members Of The Mighty I Patrol"

Characters the i Patrol; Parade-Hater-Horace
Genre teen
Notes Ad for Iverson bicycles, designed by George Barris, from Stelber Industries. No credits.

6 page Cyrus Caulfield story "The Doll Man!"

Characters Cyrus Caulfield; landlords [Edna Bilch; Irving Bilch]; Mordred (story host)
Genre horror
Script Marv Wolfman
Pencils Jose Delbo
Inks Jose Delbo
Notes Page 7 is 2/3 of a page. No credits. Script and art credits posted in The Comic Reader #75 (1969).

6 page Max story "Treasure Hunt"

Characters Max (jungle guide); Mildred (story host); old man (treasure hunter)
Genre horror
Script Steve Skeates
Pencils John Celardo
Inks Dick Giordano
Notes Page 7 is 1/2 a page. No credits. Script and art credits posted in The Comic Reader #75 (1969).

Half page story "Mad Menace"

Characters witch
Synopsis A witch finds a magic formula for making winning golf balls, but finds out it's too similar to that of nitroglycerine.
Genre humor
Script John Costanza (signed)
Pencils John Costanza (signed)
Inks John Costanza (signed)
Letters John Costanza (signed)

1 page story "Distortion!"

Characters John; Kathy
Genre horror
Pencils Sid Greene (signed)
Inks Sid Greene (signed)
Reprinted in Haunted Tales (K. G. Murray, 1973 series) #20

1 page Fred text story "Train To Doom"

Characters Chuck; Fred
Genre horror
Script Gerry Conway [as Gerard Conway]
Letters typeset