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Issue Details

Issue #25
Published November 1972
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.20 USD
Pages 36
Editing Murray Boltinoff
Notes Sale date: September 1972.

Cover Details - "Happy Deathday, Sweet 16"

Characters Ervin Davis; Mindy
Genre horror
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Notes Cover art credits from _The Art of Nick Cardy_ (John Coates, Vanguard Productions, 2001)

1 page Cynthia, Mildred & Mordred story "Introduction"

Characters Cynthia; Mildred; Mordred
Synopsis One night the three witches have a contest to find out who is the most evil.
Genre horror
Notes No credits.

8 page story "A Grave Undertaking!"

Characters Joe Knowles; Jessica Knowles (his wife); Mordred (story host); Stan Stevens
Genre horror
Script Carl Wessler
Pencils Jim Aparo
Inks Jim Aparo
Letters Jim Aparo

1 page Chip-Away sets advertisement "Gee, Billy - Did You Really Sculpt And Paint All These Statues?"

Characters four kids (including Billy)
Synopsis Billy is apparently sculpting in front of his friends, but they all have a laugh when they see he's really using the Kenner Chip-Away Set.
Genre children
Notes Ad for Chip-Away sculpture sets from Kenner. No credits.

1 page Cynthia, Mildred & Mordred story "Heads And Tale"

Characters Cynthia; hunter; his wife; Mildred; Mordred
Synopsis One stormy night Cynthia, Mildred and Mordred find refuge in a hunter's home and are greeted by the wife who shows them her husband's exhibits which includes the hunter's head after he was killed by a rhino.
Genre horror
Pencils Jerry Grandenetti
Inks Jerry Grandenetti
Notes No credits.

1 page advertisement The Insult That Made A Man Out Of "Mac"

Characters bully; girl; Mac
Synopsis On the beach, skinny Mac is ridiculed by a bully in front of a girl. Angry, he reads the Charles Atlas book and later fights back against the bully.
Genre teen
Notes Ad for Charles Atlas' "How Dynamic-Tension Makes You A New Man" book. No credits.

5 page story "Death's Dread Dirge!"

Characters Colonel Haskin; Cynthia (story host); Sergeant Bryan Lawlor
Genre horror
Pencils Gerry Talaoc
Inks Gerry Talaoc
Notes No credits.
Reprinted in Haunted Tales (K. G. Murray, 1973 series) #41

8 page story "Happy Deathday, Sweet 16!"

Characters Danton Davis; his wife Dorkas Davis; his son Ervin Davis; Charles; his wife Louise; his daughter Mindy (sweet-sixteen girl); his son Peter; Mildred (story host)
Genre horror
Pencils Bill Payne (signed)
Inks Bill Payne (signed)
Letters Bill Payne?
Notes Cover story. The word "Birth" is crossed out and replaced with "Death". Page 9 is 2/3 of a page.
Reprinted in Haunted Tales (K. G. Murray, 1973 series) #41

1 page letters page "Witch-Ful Thinking"

Script Dick Anderson; Cal Shawn; Harry McGain [all letter writers]; Murray Boltinoff (replies to letters)
Pencils ? (Cynthia text header)
Inks ? (Cynthia text header)
Colors ? (Cynthia text header)
Letters typeset

1 page the C.I.E. (Cleveland Institute of Electronics) advertisement "I'm Sick And Tired Of My Job!"

Characters two married couples [Helen; Jim are mentioned]
Genre employment
Colors ? (graytones)
Notes Inside back cover. Ad for the C.I.E. (Cleveland Institute of Electronics) training. No credits.