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Issue Details

Issue #34
Published February 1986
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 100
Editing Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Jo Duffy, Margaret Clark, Daniel Chichester
Notes Letterers: Ken Bruzenak, Tom Orzechowski, Rick Parker, Joe Rosen, Janice Chiang, Kevin Nowlan letter page (1)

Cover Details

Pencils Arthur Suydam (signed / painted)
Colors Arthur Suydam
Notes Letterers: Ken Bruzenak, Tom Orzechowski, Rick Parker, Joe Rosen, Janice Chiang, Kevin Nowlan letter page (1)

2 page Overview text article "Overview"

Script Archie Goodwin
Letters Typeset
Notes Textpiece with notes on stories & contributors to this issue of Epic Illustrated.

6 page story "The Beast"

Script Paolo Eluteri Serpieri
Pencils Paolo Eluteri Serpieri (signed)
Inks Paolo Eluteri Serpieri
Colors Paolo Eluteri Serpieri

8 page story "Love Doesn't Last Forever"

Script Alan Moore
Pencils Rick Veitch (signed)
Inks Rick Veitch
Colors Rick Veitch

4 page story "Fortresses"

Script Chelsea Mann
Pencils Michael White
Inks Michael White
Colors Michael White
Notes Atlanta Fantasy Fair Contest Winners. Chelsea Mann's name is misspelled (as Chesea) in the credits to the story, but correctly spelled in sequence 2.

1 page story "Sarvul"

Script Cheryl Manaus
Pencils Cheryl Manaus (signed)
Inks Cheryl Manaus

2 page story "Felina"

Script E. H. Terrill
Pencils E. H. Terrill (signed)
Inks E. H. Terrill
Colors E. H. Terrill

5 page text article "Barry Windsor-Smith: Works in Progress"

Pencils Barry Windsor-Smith
Letters typeset
Notes illustrated textpiece with Barry Windsor-Smith's art

1 page Mediaview text article

Script Dennis O'Neil
Letters typeset

7 page story "Out of Phase"

Script Archie Goodwin
Pencils Al Williamson (signed)
Inks Al Williamson

4 page Dr. Watchstop story "Wasting Time"

Script Ken Macklin
Pencils Ken Macklin
Inks Ken Macklin
Colors Ken Macklin
Letters Tom Orzechowski
Reprinted in Dr. Watchstop: Adventures in Time and Space (Eclipse, 1989 series) #nn

6 page The Last Galactus Story story "The Face of the Foe (Chapter Nine)"

Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Script John Byrne
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Terry Austin
Colors Glynis Wein
Letters Jim Novak

5 page text story "Horizon Lights"

Script Jo Duffy
Pencils T. Sagara
Inks T. Sagara
Colors T. Sagara
Letters typeset
Notes Illustrated Text Story

1 page story "Introduction"

Pencils Bernie Wrightson (signed)
Inks Bernie Wrightson
Colors Bernie Wrightson
Notes created in 1977

6 page story "They Just Fade Away"

Script Bernie Wrightson
Pencils Bernie Wrightson (signed)
Inks Bernie Wrightson
Notes created in 1977

1 page Bookview text article

Script Jo Duffy
Letters typeset

1 page Futureview text article

Script John Robert Tebbel; Martha Thomases
Letters typeset

8 page Cholly And Flytrap story "The Adventures of Cholly N' Flytrap!"

Script Arthur Suydam; Peter Koch (story concept)
Pencils Arthur Suydam
Inks Arthur Suydam
Colors Arthur Suydam
Notes cover story

5 page story "Amber I"

Script James P. Starlin
Pencils James P. Starlin
Inks James P. Starlin
Notes Amber II, a Starlin illustrated "Lord's Prayer" was in Heavy Metal (HM Communications, Inc., 1977 series) #v3#4 (August 1979). Amber III, a Starlin illustrated "This Old Man" poem, was in Elipse, The Magazine (Eclipse, 1981 series) #1 (May 1981).

11 page story "Death of A Legend"

Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Sandy Plunkett
Inks Sandy Plunkett

8 page story "Slow Dancer"

Script Bill Sienkiewicz
Pencils Bill Sienkiewicz (signed / painted)
Colors Bill Sienkiewicz