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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published May 1971
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 68
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details

Characters Conan
Genre sword and sorcery; occult; science fiction; jungle
Pencils John Buscema (painted)
Inks John Buscema (painted)
Colors John Buscema (painted)
Reprinted In Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse, 2007 series) #1

11 page Conan story "The Frost Giant's Daughter"

Characters Conan; Hymdul; Horsa; Niord; Gorm; Atali; Frost Giants
Synopsis Setting: Snowy battlefield; Conan chases Atali across the snow, slays her two frost giant brothers, and catches her. Her father, Ymir then takes her from Conan.
Genre sword and sorcery
Script Robert E. Howard (Original prose story); Roy Thomas
Pencils Barry Windsor-Smith [as Barry Smith]
Inks Barry Windsor-Smith [as Barry Smith]
Notes Adapted from Robert E. Howard's short story.
Reprinted in Conan the Barbarian (Marvel, 1970 series) #16 (July 1972) [modified]; in Conan Saga (Marvel, 1987 series) #6 [as modified in Conan #16]; in Savage Sword of Conan (Marvel, 1974 series) #1 (August 1974) [as modified in Conan #16]; In Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse, 2007 series) #1 [as modified in Conan #16]; In Essential Conan (Marvel, 2000 series) #1 [as modified in Conan #16?]

10 page Femizons story "The Fury of the Femizons"

Characters The Sisterhood (introduction)
Genre science fiction
Script Stan Lee
Pencils John Romita
Inks John Romita
Notes Continued in FANTASTIC FOUR #151.
Reprinted In SAVAGE TALES #3 (February 1974); in Superhero Women, The (Simon and Schuster, 1977 series) #nn; In Warrior Women (Marvel UK, 1982 series) #[nn] (1982)

11 page Man-Thing story "The Origin of the Man-Thing"

Characters Man-Thing [Ted Sallis] (introduction and origin)
Genre occult
Script Roy Thomas; Gerry Conway
Pencils Gray Morrow
Inks Gray Morrow
Letters Gray Morrow
Notes Next appearance of Man-Thing in ASTONISHING TALES #12.
Reprinted in Monsters Unleashed (Marvel, 1973 series) #3 (November 1973); in Book of the Dead (Marvel, 1993 series) #1 (December 1993); in Essential Man-Thing (Marvel, 2006 series) #1

11 page Black Brother story "Joshua's Burden"

Characters Joshua (introduction and only appearance)
Script Denny O'Neil [as Sergius O'Shaughnessy]
Pencils Gene Colan
Inks Tom Palmer
Notes Next episode, "The Return", never published.

15 page Ka-Zar story "The Night of the Looter!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Zabu; Carla (Introduction, Villain, Death); Ralph (Introduction, Villain); Swamp Men
Synopsis Carla and Ralph come to the Savage Land with a Swamp Tank to steal Ka-Zar's vibranium, but when they force him to open the door to where it is stored the vibranium destroys the tank. Carla is carried off and killed by the Swamp Men when Ralph is not able to save her because the gun he was using only had blanks due to Carla replacing the bullets with blanks in an effort to get Ralph killed.
Genre Jungle
Script Stan Lee
Pencils John Buscema
Inks John Buscema
Notes Panels 3-8 of page 10 and panels 1-3 of page 11 are not reprinted in the Astonishing Tales #14 reprint. Also, panel 6 of page 7, panels 1 and 2 of page 10 and panels 4 and 5 of page 11 of the original have altered dialogue in the Astonishing Tales #14 reprint. And finally, panel 3 of page 8, panel 5 of page 11, panel 7 of page 14 and panel 6 of page 15 of the original have been redrawn in the Astonishing Tales #14 reprint.
Reprinted in Astonishing Tales (Marvel, 1970 series) #14 (October 1971) [-1 page (panels 3-8 of page 10 and panels 1-3 of page 11) and some censoring of other panels and dialogue alteration]; in Savage Tales (Marvel, 1971 series) #6 (September 1974); in Conan le Barbar (Artima, 1979 series) #2 (July 1979)