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Issue Details

Issue #123
Published March 1975
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert C. Sproul

Cover Details - We Monkey Around with the "Apes"!

Characters Sylvester P. Smythe
Genre Satire; Science Fiction
Pencils John Severin (signed)
Inks John Severin (signed)
Colors John Severin ?

1 page credits "Table of Contents"

Script Joe Catalano; George Gladir; ? [as I. Kantwright]
Letters typeset
Notes Writers for the magazine are listed in the Table of Contents, but not attributed to the individual stories.

1 page Lettuce from our Readers letters page "Lettuce from our Readers"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Steve Bishop, Carol, Vicky Roesch, Neb Jackson, John O'Toole, John Miles, Gabriella Kemash, James Ingall, Brett Pollin, Georgia Karalouha, Jay Anderson, Robert Bloom and Jim Miars.

Half page Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation text article "Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation"

Script Robert C. Sproul
Letters typeset
Notes Average number of copies each issue during preceding 12 months - 739,000.

5 page Planet of the Apes story "Planet with the Apes"

Characters Sleet Burdon; Alien Burpe; Garlic; Ukko; Stencho; Jeff
Synopsis A satire of the movie PLANET OF THE APES.
Genre Satire; Science Fiction
Pencils Charles Rodrigues ? [as Harry Gibbons]
Inks Charles Rodrigues ? [as Harry Gibbons]

3 page story "How to Stay Warm Without Wasting Energy"

Genre Satire
Pencils Bill Ward
Inks Bill Ward

4 page story "The Country Blues"

Genre Satire
Pencils John Langton
Inks John Langton

4 page A Cracked Look story "A Cracked Look at Golf"

Genre Satire; Sports

1 page story "How to Make Words Pictorial"

Genre Satire

3 page story "If There Had Been Women's Lib Throughout History"

Characters Queen Guinevere; Hagar the Horrible
Genre Satire
Pencils Sururi Gumen
Inks Sururi Gumen

2 page story "Cracked Goes to an Encounter Group Therapy Session"

Genre Satire
Pencils Don Orehek
Inks Don Orehek

5 page story "The Far-Out Four"

Characters The Far-Out Four [Six Billion Dollar Man; Super K [Super Loverboy]; Silly Jack; Kung Phooey]; Howard Cosell; Super Chessman [Bobby Fischer]; Super Guzzler [Dean Martin]; Super Slugger [Hank Aaron]; Super Swimmer [Mark Spitz]; Super Net Star [Billy Joe King]
Genre Satire; Superhero
Pencils ? [as Polly Titian]
Inks ? [as Polly Titian]

3 page story "You Know It's Not Your Day When..."

Genre Satire

6 page story "China Clown"

Characters Rake Gittles; Mrs. Evelin Moreray; Mr. Scarlet; Mr. Gelbert; Mr. Ross; Walch
Synopsis A satire of the movie CHINA TOWN.
Genre Satire
Pencils Sururi Gumen
Inks Sururi Gumen

5 page Cracked Interviews story "Cracked Interviews the Christmas King"

Characters Nanny Dickering; Mr. Sandy Claws; Mrs. Sandy Claws; Dancer; Rudolph
Genre Satire
Pencils ? [as Yul Tydde]
Inks ? [as Yul Tydde]

Half page Stanley story "C'mon Dog"

Characters Stanley
Genre Satire
Script Murray Ball
Pencils Murray Ball
Inks Murray Ball
Letters Murray Ball ?

Half page Sagebrush story "This is War"

Genre Satire
Script John Severin ?
Pencils John Severin
Inks John Severin
Letters John Severin ?

Half page Ye Hang Ups story "...You're Right!"

Genre Satire
Script John Severin [signed as Nireves]
Pencils John Severin [signed as Nireves]
Inks John Severin [signed as Nireves]
Letters John Severin [signed as Nireves]

Half page Shut-Ups! story "Shut-Ups!"

Genre Satire

1 page Sylvester P. Smythe illustration "If You're Cracked You're Happy"

Characters Sylvester P. Smythe
Genre Satire
Notes T-shirt iron-on.