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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published September 1970
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 64
Editing Archie Goodwin

Cover Details

Pencils Kenneth Smith
Inks Kenneth Smith
Colors Kenneth Smith

1 page text article "An Editorial To The President Of The United States And All The Members Of Congress"

Synopsis Anti-war editorial.
Script James Warren
Pencils None?
Inks None?
Colors None?
Letters Typeset?

6 page story "Tough Customers!"

Characters Uncle Creepy (host); "Snake Eyes" Letera; Joe; Al; Luigi; Sam; Nails
Synopsis "Snake Eyes' Letera finds out the hard way that Sam's Butcher Shop doesn't need to pay protection money.
Genre Horror
Script R. Michael Rosen
Pencils Tom Sutton (signed)
Inks Tom Sutton (signed)
Reprinted in Creepy Annual (Warren, 1971 series) #1972 (1972)

6 page story "Legend In Gold"

Script R. Michael Rosen
Pencils Roger Brand
Inks Roger Brand

6 page story "Polly Want A Wizard"

Script Howard Waldrop
Pencils Ernie Colon
Inks Ernie Colon

7 page story "Army Of The Walking Dead"

Script R. Michael Rosen
Pencils Syd Shores
Inks Syd Shores

2 page Creepy Fan Club text article

Script Bradley Burke; Jessica Clark; Ted Dasen; Lisanne Marden
Pencils Windsor McNemo
Inks Windsor McNemo
Letters Typeset?
Notes poetry by Bradley Burke, text by Jessica Clark, Ted Dasen and Lisanne Marden, fan art by Windsor McNemo, and a Ken Barr bio

6 page story "Godslayer"

Script Bill Stillwell
Pencils Bill Stillwell
Inks Bill Stillwell

7 page story "It's Grim"

Script Al Hewetson
Pencils Syd Shores
Inks Syd Shores

6 page story "The Druid's Curse"

Script Buddy Saunders
Pencils The Brothers Ciochetti
Inks The Brothers Ciochetti

8 page story "Gunsmoke Charly"

Script Alan Weiss
Pencils Alan Weiss
Inks Alan Weiss

6 page story "Justice!"

Script Pat Boyette
Pencils Pat Boyette
Inks Pat Boyette