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Issue Details

Issue #v7#01
Published April 1983
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 100
Editing Julie Simmons-Lynch; Lou Stathis (associate)
Notes Wraparound Cover

Cover Details

Genre science fiction
Pencils Chris Achilleos (painting)
Inks Chris Achilleos (painting)
Colors Chris Achilleos (painting)
Letters Typeset
Notes Wraparound Cover

1 page Contents text article

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Carl J. Kocich
Inks Carl J. Kocich
Colors Carl J. Kocich
Letters Typeset

9 page Dossier text article

Script Lou Stathis; David Keeps; Gregory Dandow; Steven Maloff; Bhob Stewart; Matt Howarth; Dan Steffan; Michael Musto; John Holmstrom
Pencils Gil Kane; Hunt Emerson; John Holmstrom
Inks Gil Kane; Hunt Emerson; John Holmstrom
Letters Typeset

Half page story "Wrab"

Genre humor
Script Matt Howarth
Pencils Matt Howarth
Inks Matt Howarth
Colors B & W
Letters Matt Howarth

Half page story "Cruse Reviews"

Genre humor
Script Howard Cruse
Pencils Howard Cruse
Inks Howard Cruse
Colors B & W
Letters Howard Cruse

8 page Starstruck story "Dead Reckoning"

Genre science fiction; humor
Script Elaine Lee
Pencils Michael Kaluta
Inks Michael Kaluta
Colors Michael Kaluta ?
Letters Todd Klein
Reprinted in Marvel Graphic Novel (Marvel, 1982 series) #[13]

8 page story "Odyssey, The (Part 1)"

Genre adventure
Script Francisco Navarro
Pencils Jose Martin Sauri
Inks Jose Martin Sauri
Colors B & W

8 page story "Power To The People"

Genre humor
Script Mike Feeney
Pencils Angus McKie
Inks Angus McKie
Colors Angus McKie

1 page story "It, Or Who Glows There, The ?"

Genre humor; science fiction
Script Nicola Cuti
Pencils Nicola Cuti
Inks Nicola Cuti
Colors B & W
Letters Nicola Cuti

2 page story "Struggle For Supremacy Over The World, The"

Genre humor
Script Kenneth Smith (signed)
Pencils Kenneth Smith (signed)
Inks Kenneth Smith (signed)
Colors B & W
Letters Kenneth Smith

1 page Ronin advertisement

Letters Typeset

6 page story "Man From Harlem, The (Part 4)"

Genre Crime
Script Guido Crepax (signed / dated 1978)
Pencils Guido Crepax (signed / dated 1978)
Inks Guido Crepax

2 page story "b. j. butterfly"

Genre humor
Script John Workman
Pencils John Workman (signed)
Inks John Workman
Colors John Workman ?

8 page story "City That Didn't Exist, The (Part 2)"

Genre drama
Script Pierre Christin
Pencils Enki Bilal
Inks Enki Bilal

1 page story "Metazoa"

Genre Horror
Script Bruce N. Solotoff
Pencils Bruce N. Solotoff
Inks Bruce N. Solotoff
Colors B & W
Letters Bruce N. Solotoff ?

1 page Chain Mail letters page

Letters Typeset

3 page story "Hearts Desire"

Genre science fiction
Script David Higgins
Pencils David Higgins (painting)
Colors David Higgins (painting)
Letters David Higgins ?

1 page Jun-50 story "The Chauffeur Opened The..."

Genre science fiction
Script John Workman
Pencils Kent Williams (signed)
Inks Kent Williams (signed)
Colors B & W

4 page story "Crisalida"

Genre Horror
Script Esteban Maroto
Pencils Esteban Maroto (painting)
Colors Esteban Maroto (painting)

Half page story "Dead Pimp, The"

Genre humor
Script Mick Angel
Pencils Mick Angel
Inks Mick Angel
Colors B & W
Letters Mick Angel

Half page story "Quarp in No Win Scenario"

Genre Horror
Script Joseph Grau (signed)
Pencils Joseph Grau (signed)
Inks Joseph Grau (signed)
Colors B & W
Letters Joseph Grau (signed)

8 page story "Ape, The (Part 9)"

Genre occult
Script Silverio Pisu
Pencils Milo Manara
Inks Milo Manara
Colors B & W

4 page story "Zora"

Genre science fiction
Script Fernando Fernandez
Pencils Fernando Fernandez (signed)
Inks Fernando Fernandez
Colors Fernando Fernandez

1 page I'm Age story "Life's Safer..."

Genre humor
Script Jeffrey Jones
Pencils Jeffrey Jones
Inks Jeffrey Jones
Colors B & W
Letters Jeffrey Jones

7 page story "Twinkle In Fildegars Eye, The"

Genre science fiction
Script Jean Giraud [as Moebius]
Pencils Jean Giraud [as Moebius]
Inks Jean Giraud [as Moebius]
Colors B & W

1 page Heavy Metal Collector's Items promo (ad from the publisher)

Pencils E. Lurio
Inks E. Lurio
Letters Typeset

4 page Rock Opera story "In The Movies, War Is Always..."

Genre satire
Script Rod Kierkegaard
Pencils Rod Kierkegaard
Inks Rod Kierkegaard
Colors Rod Kierkegaard
Letters Rod Kierkegaard

Half page Bus, The story

Genre humor
Script Paul Kirchner
Pencils Paul Kirchner
Inks Paul Kirchner
Colors B & W
Letters Paul Kirchner

1 page Heavy Metal promo (ad from the publisher)

Letters Typeset

1 page illustration

Pencils Tito Salomoni (painting / signed)
Inks Tito Salomoni (painting / signed)
Colors Tito Salomoni (painting / signed)