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Issue Details

Issue V8#1
Published April 1984
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 100
Editing Julie Simmons-Lynch

Cover Details

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Boris Vallejo (painted)
Inks Boris Vallejo (painted)
Colors Boris Vallejo (painted)

1 page illustration "Diane Radler (photography)"

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Diane Radler (photography)
Notes Contents page illustration

2 page Dossier text article "Talksi with Tarkovsky"

Genre Nonfiction
Script James Verniere
Pencils Robin Holland (photography)
Inks Robin Holland (photography)
Letters typeset

1 page Dossier text article "Constantinopus"

Genre Nonfiction
Script John Morthland
Letters typeset

2 page story "Shoe for All the Wrong Reasons"

Script Doug Beekman
Pencils Doug Beekman
Inks Doug Beekman
Letters Doug Beekman

2 page Dossier text article "Moe, Larry, and Joe"

Genre Nonfiction
Script Mike Barson
Pencils Joe Kubert
Inks Joe Kubert
Letters typeset

1 page Dossier text article "Not-So-Bad Fantasy Books"

Genre Nonfiction
Script Ellen Kushner
Letters typeset

2 page Dossier text article "The Metal Box"

Genre Nonfiction
Script Lou Stathis
Letters typeset

2 page Dossier text article "Nahallywood"

Genre Nonfiction
Script Ed Naha
Pencils M.J. Elliott (photography)
Inks M.J. Elliott (photography)
Letters typeset

1 page Dossier text article "Cryptica"

Genre Nonfiction
Script Melik Kaylan
Pencils J.D. King
Inks J.D. King
Letters typeset

7 page story "Ranxerox"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Stefano Tamburini
Pencils Gaetano Liberatore
Inks Gaetano Liberatore
Colors Gaetano Liberatore
Notes Part 1 of 2

8 page Tex Arcana story "Meets the Toast of Europe"

Genre Western; Horror
Script John Findley
Pencils John Findley
Inks John Findley
Letters John Findley
Notes Part 7 of 25

12 page The Third Incal story "Planet of Gold"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Alexandro Jodorowsky
Pencils Jean Giraud (as Moebius)
Inks Jean Giraud (as Moebius)
Colors Jean Giraud (as Moebius)
Notes Part 3 of 5
Reprinted From METAL HURLANT

1 page story "I'm Age"

Genre Fantasy
Script Jeff Jones
Pencils Jeff Jones
Inks Jeff Jones
Letters Jeff Jones

5 page story "Kamikaze"

Genre Fantasy
Script Pepe Moreno
Pencils Pepe Moreno
Inks Pepe Moreno
Colors Pepe Moreno

8 page story "Salammbo II: Carthage"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Philippe Druillet
Pencils Philippe Druillet (painted)
Inks Philippe Druillet (painted)
Colors Philippe Druillet (painted)
Notes Part 3 of 8
Reprinted From METAL HURLANT

10 page story "Wurtham View 2000 Part Two: Face of the Past"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Angus McKie
Pencils Angus McKie (painted)
Inks Angus McKie (painted)
Colors Angus McKie (painted)
Letters Angus McKie
Notes Part 2 of 2

1 page story "June 2050"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Rick Geary
Pencils Rick Geary
Inks Rick Geary
Letters Rick Geary

1 page HM's Star Dissections story "Dining with Mutants with Arthur Godfrey"

Genre Satire
Script Drew Friedman
Pencils Drew Friedman
Inks Drew Friedman
Letters Drew Friedman

1 page story "Communique"

Genre Satire
Script Howard Cruse
Pencils Howard Cruse
Inks Howard Cruse
Letters Howard Cruse

5 page El Borbah story "Living in the Ice-Age"

Genre Detective
Script Charles Burns
Pencils Charles Burns
Inks Charles Burns
Letters Charles Burns
Notes Part 2 of 4

5 page text article "Roger Corman: More Than Just King of the Bs"

Genre Nonfiction
Script James Verniere
Letters typeset

8 page story "Valentina the Pirate"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Guido Crepax
Pencils Guido Crepax
Inks Guido Crepax
Colors Guido Crepax
Notes Part 6 of 6

4 page story "Rock Opera"

Genre Science Fiction
Script Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.
Pencils Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. (painted)
Inks Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. (painted)
Colors Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. (painted)
Letters typeset

1 page The Bus story

Genre Fantasy
Script Paul Kirchner
Pencils Paul Kirchner
Inks Paul Kirchner
Letters Paul Kirchner

Cover Details

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Michael Kanarek (painted)
Inks Michael Kanarek (painted)
Colors Michael Kanarek (painted)