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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published November 1969
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 68
Editing Bill Parente
Notes All stories (except Evily) introduced and concluded by Vampi, drawn by the story's artist

Cover Details

Pencils Bill Hughes (painting)
Inks Bill Hughes (painting)
Colors Bill Hughes (painting)
Notes All stories (except Evily) introduced and concluded by Vampi, drawn by the story's artist

1 page Vampi's Feary Tales story

Pencils Tom Sutton
Inks Tom Sutton
Reprinted in Vampirella Annual (Warren, 1972 series) #1

10 page Evily story

Characters Vampirella
Synopsis Evily confronts her cousin, Vampi, who expresses a desire to acquire Evily's throne for herself. When Evily directs a spell of evil at Vampi, Vampi transforms herself into a bat and avoids it so that the spell strikes Evily's mirror, reflecting its magic back at her reversed so she becomes a good, cute white kitty. Vampi exits, and Evily vows vengeance for the affront.
Script Bill Parente
Pencils Jerry Grandenetti
Inks Jerry Grandenetti

6 page story "Montezuma's Monster"

Script R. Michael Rosen (story incorrectly crediting to Don Glut, see Vampirella #3 for retraction)
Pencils Tony Tallarico as [Tony Williamsune]
Inks Tony Tallarico as [Tony Williamsune]

8 page Vampirella story "Down to Earth!"

Characters Draculine (first appearance; only appearance?; Vampirella's twin sister); Jim Warren (cameo); Forrest J. Ackerman (cameo)
Script Forrest J. Ackerman
Pencils Mike Royer
Inks Mike Royer
Notes Vampirella appears in her regular costume from this issue on.

9 page story "Queen of Horror!"

Script Don Glut
Pencils Dick Piscopo
Inks Dick Piscopo

6 page story "The Octopus"

Script Nicola Cuti
Pencils William Barry
Inks William Barry

7 page story "One, Two, Three"

Script Nicola Cuti
Pencils Ernie Colon
Inks Ernie Colon

7 page story "Rhapsody in Red!"

Script Don Glut
Pencils Billy Graham
Inks Billy Graham