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Issue Details

Issue #22
Published December 1951-January 1952
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Al Feldstein; William M. Gaines (managing editor)
Notes The cover title was taken from the 2nd story in the issue, from which the cover was based.

Cover Details - "The Monster in the Ice"

Characters The Vault-Keeper (inset); The Crypt-Keeper (inset); The Old Witch (inset); The Frankenstein Monster
Genre monster
Pencils Johnny Craig (signed)
Inks Johnny Craig (signed)
Notes The cover title was taken from the 2nd story in the issue, from which the cover was based.
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2; in Vault of Horror (Gemstone, 1994 series) #11 (April 1995)

8 page The Vault of Horror! story "Fountains of Youth!"

Characters The Vault-Keeper (host); Kenneth Martin; Eileen Martin; Madam DuBois
Synopsis Eileen reads an ad in the newspaper asking for a traveling companion for a Madam DuBois, who traveling abroad. Her brother Ken is not too happy with the idea, but Eileen goes and sees the DuBois, who wears a heavy veil over her head, and who accepts Eileen for the job. Eileen gets packed and seen off by her brother....she and Madam DuBois then board a cruise ship. Unfortunately, Eileen gets seasick and Madam DuBois has her lie down in her cabin, where she takes the young lady's hand and begins singing softly to her. Eileen begins to waste away and die, and when Ken hears the news, he's determined to get to the bottom of it. He travels to see Madam DuBois, who no longer wears the veil, but doesn't believe her story of what happened to Eileen. The next day, Ken sees an ad in the paper, again asking for a traveling companion for DuBois. Once one is secured, Ken follows her and books passage on the same ship....and sure enough, a few days later, the new young woman has come down with a strange illness. Ken visits the doctor and tells him of his suspicions, so the ship's doctor orders the young woman to the ship's hospital and Madam DuBois locked in her room. The doctor informs him that Madam DuBois is similar to a human vampire, who prolongs its life by sapping the youth of their victims. By the time the pair get to DuBois' cabin, she is already withering and dying before their eyes!
Genre horror
Script Johnny Craig
Pencils Johnny Craig
Inks Johnny Craig
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2; in Vault of Horror (Gemstone, 1994 series) #11 (April 1995)

7 page The Witch's Cauldron! story "The Monster in the Ice!"

Characters The Old Witch (host); The Frankenstein Monster; Gerald Dawson and Herbert Campbell (geologists)
Synopsis As Gerald Dawson sits as his desk in a shack in the Arctic, Herbert Campbell enters, telling him that their Eskimo guide refuses to take them any further. Dawson goes to see Lomo in his igloo, and the Eskimo tells him of the monster in the ice, and that no one who sees it comes back in their right mind. Dawson & Campbell rig up a dog-sled and go to the site, spot the monster and dig its ice-encased body out and take it back to their shack. They show the body in ice to Lomo and he freezes in fear, especially when he is ordered to chip the body out of the ice! While that is happening, Dawson and Campbell kick back, telling themselves that this whole thing reminds them of Mary Shelly's book about Frankenstein. Suddenly, they hear a scream and a crash, and enter the adjoining room and see the window broken out and Lomo shaking in fear. Now they know the creature must be put back into the ice, so they go out and dig through the ice to water, and they hope to lure the monster into the trap. The monster shows up....jumps into the hole and drags both men down with him. One year later, the U.S. Air Force decides to build a base near that very spot and two airmen happen to spot the bodies trapped in the ice. So......they start digging out the bodies to see what they can determine what happened to them.....
Genre monster
Pencils Graham Ingels [as Ghastly] (signed)
Inks Graham Ingels [as Ghastly] (signed)
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2; in Vault of Horror (Gemstone, 1994 series) #11 (April 1995)

2 page text story "Choice"

Synopsis He had been sentenced to ten years in the sweltering cells of El Malein Prison out in the Sahara Desert, but he knew he couldn't make it. So, as the airplane he was in flew nearer to that prison site, he jumped out of the plane and pulled the ripcord on his parachute. He landed, and for the next five days, he braved the heat and whipping sand, trying to find water. Then....he saw the tall pond fronds that indicated an oasis, and it renewed his waning strength. Just then, the fronds had all been a mirage! But....had made his choice and he still had his freedom....the freedom to die in agony!
Script William M. Gaines
Letters typeset
Notes This text story was printed on the inner halves of the two pages, with EC house ads to either side. One promoted Weird Fantasy #10 [with an Al Feldstein cover], while the other ads [with covers] promoted the Picture Stories From the Bible series: the Complete Old and New Testaments, the Old Testament #1-2 and the New Testament #1.
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2

1 page The Vault-Keeper's Corner letters page "Letters page"

Characters The Vault-Keeper [head view]
Synopsis VK's colume begins with his campaign against the Old Witch and Graham Ingels, and a mock letter from his local draft board, followed by the reader's popularity poll for last issue's stories. Then letters are printed from Ellen Louise Phillips, Joe Carroll and Rand Rensvold, followed by the promoting of the photos of the three GhouLunatics!
Pencils Johnny Craig (spot illo)
Inks Johnny Craig (spot illo)
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2

6 page The Crypt of Terror story "Gone... Fishing!"

Characters The Crypt-Keeper (host); Maxwell Larkin; Steven
Synopsis Maxwell and Steven's car rolled up to the water's edge, and they got out to unload their equipment. Max was a noted sport-fisherman, but Steven hated the sport, which he considered cruelty to animals. Max outfitted his reel with the latest gadgets and cast into the water....soon he got a strike and reeled in his beauty. Steven, sick to his stomach, went back to the car and drove off. Max cast again, but then realized that the car contained the sandwich he had brought for lunch. But he spotted a candy bar lying on the beach and reached over to pick it up and shoved it in his mouth, never noticing the thin, silky, nearly invisible thread attached to it. It grew taut, and pulled Max into the water, just as Steven drove back up to the site. He got out, wondering where Max was....then he saw the horrible sight of Max bobbing up out of the water....being drawn farther and farther out to sea!
Genre horror
Script Al Feldstein
Pencils Jack Davis (signed)
Inks Jack Davis (signed)
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2; in Vault of Horror (Gemstone, 1994 series) #11 (April 1995)

7 page The Vault of Horror! story "What the Dog Dragged In!"

Characters The Vault-Keeper (host); Betty Marsh; Jerry the dog; Roger Cartwright
Synopsis As she sat in her wheelchair, Betty, her blind eyes seeing nothing, reached out for her dog Jerry, put a list in his collar, and sent him to the butcher's. The dog had to get there ASAP so that the butcher could get her order to the house before Betty's housekeeper arrived to cook for her. Unknown to her, Jerry was hit by a car on the way, but was alive and taken to the home of the driver, wealthy Roger Cartwright, where he cared for the dog. Meanwhile, Betty's housekeeper arrived....but was getting perturbed because the groceries had not arrived as yet. Then Betty heard Jerry's bark and he came into the house and jumped into her lap, followed close behind by Roger. Betty was happy to have company and invited him back, which he did....and they soon grew quite close. One day, as Roger left her house in his car, he didn't see the truck coming from the other direction...... The next day, when Roger didn't show up, she sent Jerry after him.....and day after day Jerry returned.....without Roger. Until one day Jerry came in and Betty petted him....but pulled back, feeling unearthly soil and smelling putrid, rotting flesh in the house. Yes....THIS time Jerry had brought Roger's just too bad that Betty's blindness kept her from seeing the rotting corpse of Roger standing in her doorway!
Genre horror
Script Ray Bradbury; Al Feldstein (adaptation)
Pencils Jack Kamen (signed)
Inks Jack Kamen (signed)
Notes Unauthorized adaptation of Ray Bradbury's short story "The Emissary."
Reprinted in Vault of Horror, The (Russ Cochran, 1982 series) #2; in Vault of Horror (Gemstone, 1994 series) #11 (April 1995)