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Issue Details

Issue #28
Published September 2003
Cover Price $2.50/$4.25 CND
Pages 36
Editing Michael Wright (Associate); Bob Schreck
Notes Painted Cover

Cover Details - "Straight Shooter Part 3: I Am Curious Green"

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Joanna Pierce
Genre superhero
Pencils Matt Wagner
Inks Matt Wagner
Colors Matt Wagner
Notes Painted Cover

22 page Green Arrow story "Straight Shooter Part Three: Beasts of Burden"

Characters FEATURE: Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; GUESTS: Joanna Pierce; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; VILLAINS: Lamb Valley Monsters; Constantine Drakon
Synopsis GA and Connor take down one of the monsters and leave it at the morgue for identification; Ollie heads to Joanna's for a little medical attention and ends up getting a little up close and personal attention instead; GA heads back to the morgue after his little tryst and finds Drakon stealing his monster; The two fight and GA is taken down hard.
Genre superhero
Script Judd Winick
Pencils Phil Hester
Inks Ande Parks
Colors Guy Major
Letters Sean Konot
Notes GA Quote of the Month: Connor: "I take it that THIS is our monster? Or does Lobo have a sister?" Ollie: "Be nice. If we don't kill it, Solomon Grundy has a date for Saturday night."

1 page DC in Demand promo (ad from the publisher) "Taking Aim at Batman"

Synopsis News blurbs cover: Batman; San Diego Comic Con
Letters Typeset
Notes Hot List: Formerly Known as the Justice League 1; Superman: Birthright 1; Teen Titans 1; Empire 1

12 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Brute Force; [5,17,27] Extreme Summer Sweepstakes; [8] In house -- Outsiders; [14] In house -- Teen Titans; [18] In house -- Fallen Angel; [21] In house -- Gotham Central; [24] In house -- Empire; [30] In house -- Formerly Known as the Justice League; [inside back] Magic: The Gathering: Online; [back] Alienware