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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published July 1968
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Shazzan; Chuck; Nancy; Kaboobie; Birdman; Galaxy Trio [Vapor Man; Gravity Girl; Meteor Man]
Genre superhero
Letters typeset

8 page Birdman and the Galaxy Trio story "The Noxious Oxoids"

Characters Birdman; Avenger; Falcon 7; Galaxy Trio [Vapor Man; Meteor Man; Gravity Girl]; Dr. Toxic; Oxoid
Synopsis When Birdman becomes incapacitated after an encounter with an Oxoid who exhales a gas that makes people hate themselves, Falcon 7 calls the Galaxy Trio to help stop the Oxoid's master, Dr. Toxic.
Genre superhero
Script Jerry Siegel

6 page Herculoids story "The Vapor-Vampire Invasion"

Characters Zandor; Tara; Dorno; Igoo; Zok; Tundro; Gloop; Gleep; Vaporoids
Synopsis The Herculoids battle the Vaporoids, who invade Amzot to absorb the planet's moisture.
Genre superhero

4 page Mighty Mightor story "Beware! Skullarva!"

Characters Mightor [Tor]; Sheera; Pandor; Hoagi
Synopsis Mightor battles Hoagi, a witch doctor, who wants to rule Pandor's village by using the Skullarva, giant caterpillars from Pest Island.
Genre superhero

3 page Moby Dick story "Look, Tom! Isn't that Scooby?"

Characters Moby Dick; Tom; Tubb; Mazu
Synopsis Moby Dick, Tom, and Tubb protect a baby seal from Mazu, the Killer Whale.
Genre adventure

5 page Shazzan story "The Diamond of Doom"

Characters Shazzan; Chuck; Nancy; Kaboobie; Ahrid
Synopsis A thief tricks Chuck and Nancy into summoning Shazzan to retrieve the Diamond of the Sorcerer of Malial from a cave.
Genre adventure