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Issue Details

Issue #37
Published [May 1991]
Cover Price 2.75 USD
Pages 44
Editing Bill Black

Cover Details - "Rad Vs. Miss Victory"

Characters Rad; Miss Victory
Genre superhero
Pencils Will Meugniot
Inks Will Meugniot
Colors Rebekah Black?

30 page FemForce story "Rad Vs. Miss Victory"

Characters Rad; Miss Victory; Adolf Hitler; Panzer; Luger; Fritz Von Voltzman
Synopsis "Rad is out of money again, and when a mysterious Mr. Harcourt comes to hire her, she immediately takes the job.What is it? Why, to steal Dr. Jimenez' Time Triagle. Adopting the guise of the original Ms. Victory again, nothing could be simpler, as she flies into Latimer Labs, and they give her the 'Triangle with no questions asked! Things get hairy when it turns out Harcourt is really Fritz Voltzman in disguise, and his plan is to use the device to go back in time to World War II, and bring Hitler himself into the present!!" from
Genre superhero
Script The Count
Pencils John Nadeau
Inks John Robinson, John Dell
Letters Rik Levins