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Issue Details

Issue #37
Published [June] 1998
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 2.95 CAD
Pages 36

Cover Details

Characters Grampa Simpson; Police Chief Wiggum
Genre Humour
Pencils Bill Morrison (signed)
Inks Bill Morrison
Colors Nathan Kane

21 page The Simpsons story "The Absent-Minded Protestor"

Characters Bart; Lisa; Homer; Marge; Grandpa; Apu; Nelson Munce; Kent Brockman; Chief Wiggum; Montgomery Burns; Smithers; Jasper Beardly; Hans Moleman
Synopsis Grandpa is sick of being ignored and starts a new career in grafitti.
Genre Humour
Script Doug Tuber; Tim Maile; Steve Luchsinger
Pencils Phil Ortiz
Inks Tim Bavington
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Jeannine Black

1 page Radioactive Man illustration

Characters Radioactive Man
Pencils Bill Morrison
Inks Bill Morrison
Colors Nathan Kane
Notes This flip cover is a pastiche of X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #50 (November 1968) by Jim Steranko.

5 page Radioactive Man story "The Heroic Life And Mortifying Death Of Radioactive Man Chapter II"

Characters Radioactive Man [Claude Kane]; Gloria Grand; The Ultimate Eczema; Captain Squid; Bug Boy; Fallout Boy; Weasel Woman; Plasmo; Lure Lass
Synopsis Radioactive Man is dead and the Superior Squad are arguing among themselves.
Genre Humor; superhero; parody
Script Bill Morrison; Kayre Morrison
Pencils Bill Morrison
Inks Steve Steere Jr
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Chris Ungar
Notes The story is continued from Simpsons Comics 36, and continues is Simpsons Comics 38.