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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published January 1988
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD; 0.40 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Howard Mackie; Joanne Spaldo (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "Twilight Hungers..."

Characters Lenore Fenzl; Evan Huebner; antibody
Genre superhero
Pencils Paul Ryan (signed)
Inks Paul Ryan (signed)

23 page D.P. 7 story "Hunger"

Characters Lenore Fenzl; Randy O'Brien; Jeff Walters; Dave Landers; "Scuzz" Cuzinski; Evan Huebner; Black Powers [Charly Beck ["Friction"]; Blindspot (villain); "Chill" Wexler (villain); Squirm (villain); Indigo (cameo); Bazooka (joins, villain)]; Art Benway; Rod Weigand; Juris Ziegler; Dr. Semple; Joel Larson (introduction, cameo); Annie (introduction, cameo)
Synopsis Randy finally rids himself of the "killer antibody" by creating a hypnotic suggestion to keep it from entering his body. However, unknown to him, it finds a new home in the body of Evan Huebner. Lenore becomes concerned that her powers are becoming addictive.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Gruenwald
Pencils Paul Ryan
Inks Danny Bulanadi
Colors Paul Becton
Letters Phil Felix

1 page Letters to: D.P. 7 letters page "Letters to: D.P. 7"

Letters typeset