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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published August 1984
Cover Price 2.00 USD 2.25 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Carl Potts

Cover Details

Characters Spanish conquistador; Aztec warrior
Genre Adventure
Pencils Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)(painting)
Inks Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)(painting)
Colors Bill Sieniewicz (signed)(painting)

15 page story "The Pike!"

Synopsis Pagan resistance to Oliver Cromwell.
Genre historical fiction
Script Steve Englehart
Pencils John Severin
Inks John Severin
Colors Marie Severin
Letters Jim Novak

15 page story "Gold!"

Synopsis Mayan resistance to Cortez.
Genre historical fiction
Script Ann Nocenti
Pencils Tony Salmons
Inks Tony Salmons
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Jim Novak

10 page story "Ambrose A. Abernathy's Amazing Adventure Apparatus"

Genre science fiction; time travel
Script Mike Carlin
Pencils Gerry Talaoc
Inks Gerry Talaoc
Colors ? [as Roy G. Biv]
Letters Ephid Mahilum

8 page story "Death Stroke"

Synopsis Russian boy lost with dying Inuit man.
Genre historical fiction
Script Louise Simonson
Pencils Steve Leialoha
Inks Steve Leialoha
Colors Steve Leialoha
Letters Tom Orzechowski