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Issue Details

Issue #8
Published October-November 1977
Cover Price 0.35 USD
Pages 36
Editing Paul Levitz

Cover Details - "Raise the Devil"

Genre occult
Pencils Mike Kaluta [as MWK]
Inks Mike Kaluta [as MWK]

1 page story "Well, here we are, high above lovely downtown Transylvania!"

Characters Cain; Abel; Cynthia
Genre occult
Script Paul Kupperberg
Pencils Romeo Tanghal (signed)
Inks Romeo Tanghal (signed)
Notes Introductory page.

8 page Cynthia story "Raising the Devil"

Characters Cynthia (host)
Genre occult
Script Mike Pellowski (Plot); E. Nelson Bridwell
Pencils Bernard Baily
Inks Win Mortimer

1 page story "Witch's Tails"

Genre humor
Script Dave Manak (signed)
Pencils Dave Manak (signed)
Inks Dave Manak (signed)
Letters Dave Manak

7 page Cain story The Strange Case of the Sloop "San Mateo"

Characters Cain (host)
Genre occult
Script Sergio Aragon├ęs; Steve Skeates
Pencils Romeo Tanghal (signed)
Inks Bob Smith (signed)

1 page letters page "The Haunted Mailbox"

Script ? [as Destiny]
Pencils ? (illo)
Inks ? (illo)
Letters typeset
Notes LOC from readers Mike White, Michael Kishley and Howard Kaye.

1 page Daily Planet promo (ad from the publisher) "Daily Planet Volume 77 Issue 27"

Characters Teen Titans West [Beast Boy; Golden Eagle; Dove; Bat-Girl; Lilith; Hawk]; Starfire; Lola Barnett
Script Bob Rozakis
Pencils {various} (illos)
Inks {various} (illos)
Letters typeset